What Makes Bitcoin Crash or Go Up?—we have the answers

Posted January 17, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Whenever we read or talk about cryptocurrency, the most popular crypto that you come across is Bitcoin. It is not just the most popular coin, but also the first cryptocurrency to launch. The value of Bitcoin has increased drastically when compared to its value during its launch. But the price keeps changing randomly. Many people have a misconception that the price of Bitcoin does not get affected by the changes in the market. But that is not at all true. Many market factors affect Bitcoin, just like it happens with the traditional stock market. To get more details, visit anon-system.live.

Many outside factors make Bitcoin crash or go up. Here are some of them for you:

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International Regulations

The international regulations always show a serious effect on the price of Bitcoin and also other cryptocurrencies. These regulations will decide the factors like operations of Bitcoin miners, setting up of shops by the companies, and which markets will get to access Bitcoin. Some countries like India, Thailand, and United Kingdom have influenced the price of Bitcoin. But above all, it was China and the USA that influenced the price of Bitcoin. In the years, a lot of factors related to China affected the price of Bitcoin. Even the reverse of it can also happen. When the regulations are in favor, the price of Bitcoin will go high. 

Market Events

The ups and downs in the global market will affect the price of Bitcoin. During the Covid-19 pandemic, just like the other markets, even the value of cryptocurrency fell. It faced a very high fall. But it did not get stuck there. As the other stock markets started growing, even the price of Bitcoin when high. It just took a few weeks for it to start going up again. Many economic shocks have affected the price of Bitcoin. When there was news about the collapse of Chinese giant Evergrande, the price of Bitcoin went down by 6.9 percent. It can be hard to list all the events that shook the price of Bitcoin in the financial world. But yes, market events do influence the price of Bitcoin. 

Traditional Finance

Another important factor that can be responsible for the Bitcoin price going up or just crashing is traditional finance. These products surely influence the price of Bitcoin. When some of the major banks of the world added Bitcoin to their balance sheets, its price went high. Also, some major giants like Telsa and MicroStrategy started investing in Bitcoin and that too made a great change in the price. Telsa started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for their vehicles and that was a major point for the price to go high. 

Social Media

Everything and anything in the world can get affected by social media. Some major retailers and investors post their opinions or views through social media. Did you get across Elon Musk’s Twitter Bio? It was changed to Bitcoin and that is when the price of it when high by 20 percent. That is not a small number. Everyone thought that Elon Musk is going to invest in Bitcoin. It did happen later with the help of Telsa. The Tech CEOs will have a strong effect on many people and anything posted by them on social media about Bitcoin will affect its price. Many people even check social media for predicting the price of Bitcoin. Some people say that the posts on social media become high when the price goes high and less when the price comes down. But that is not true. It is vice versa. When the price goes high because people started talking about it and more people show interest towards. 

So, these are some good factors that affect the price of Bitcoin. They can make the price go high or crash. You just need to follow the news and gather as much information as possible, before you start investing or you sell off your investments. There can be a moment when the price may go high and you sold off the coins. Study the market, the market regulations, and social media feed for keeping yourself updated on what can turn the price high or make it fall. 

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