What Makes Locally Bred Sir Walter Turf So Unique?

Posted November 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you are in the market to choose the best variety of lush new lawns, you will not find a better one than Sir Walter turf. Its widespread service and popularity over the years speak about its quality. Buffalo turf is the reliable one of all turfgrasses because it looks soft, luscious, and can tolerate up to 70% shade.

In addition to that, it is very water efficient and low in maintenance. Sir Walter’s turf is hardy and versatile. It is very affordable, great for pets and kids, low allergenic, beautiful to look at, and has many features that other lawns lack. So why will you not choose it despite this many advantages?

Here are some reasons that make locally bred Sir Walter turf so unique. Sir Walter buffalo turf is the best in the market because of all these reasons:

  • It has a strong track record and has stood the test of time in terms of promises. It is the number one selling buffalo turf in Australia and has lots of satisfied customers.
  • Sir Walter creates deep root systems, and therefore it requires less water to thrive. It is the reason why they’re drought resistant. Therefore it requires less maintenance, and the roots will rarely dry out, even during the dry season.
  • One of the most common reasons to invest in buffalo grass is to create a beautiful outdoor area for relaxation and play. It also gives significant physical and mental health benefits to you and your family, and the lawn looks great all year. 
  • Sir Walter turf is affordable as compared to other synthetic turf and pavers. It is also better for the environment, offers safer playing spaces, reduces noise, glares, erosion, and fire risk, and increases oxygen and health benefits. 
  • Your family can enjoy your quality time on the lawn without rashes or hay fevers. If you suffer from any environmental allergy, you can rest assured because Sir Walter protects against this. It produces only fewer seed heads, making it extremely low allergenic. Moreover, it has a smooth leaf blade and no jagged edges; therefore, you need not worry about skin irritations.
  • It is the highest quality turf available because it has certification of AusGAP. Therefore, you can expect high-quality standards in terms of production, delivery, and installation process. And for further assuring, Sir Walter also has a ten-year product warranty. 
  • Sir Walter turf will also help keep your home cooler than bare soil, concrete, or artificial turf.
  • Sir Walter buffalo lawn is Australian born, bred, and grown. It is produced and tested all over Australia, survives shade, and has impressive qualities to outshine the other buffalo lawns. 

Due to its superior shade, child and pet friendliness, drought tolerance, and low maintenance requirements, Sir Walter DNA certified quickly turned out to be Australian number one performing turfgrass.

All the above-discussed reasons make it unique. It is different from the standard buffalo grass because standard buffalo glass is naturally resilient and tough and therefore will not withstand excessive frosts, dry and heat periods. But if you opt for Sir Walter, it is extremely drought tolerant and will stay green all year round.