What Questions Are Okay to Ask During an Open-Home Viewing?—Here Are the Answers

Posted July 28, 2022 by in Lifestyle
family looking at house

The world of real estate can be difficult to navigate at times, especially when you’ve never purchased or sold a home before. In fact, knowing what questions you can and cannot ask is half the battle when it comes to understanding how things work in any given situation. 

For example, despite being one of the most successful Real Estate Brokers in the United States, “Is Compass Real Estate in Trouble” became a commonly searched question during the global pandemic, when businesses around the world were experiencing issues. If customers hadn’t asked this question, they’d have never known that the company was in perfectly good shape, and potentially missed out on the benefits they offer clients. 

So, how can you embrace your own inquisitive side to find out more about a potential new home during a viewing? Are there any no-go areas you should avoid? Here are some of the most commonly accepted questions to ask during an open home. 

Family looking at house to buy with a real estate agent

How long has it been on the market?

This seems like a pretty simple and bland question, right? But within the answer lies a huge amount of information for you to make a more informed decision. And that’s the key to finding the perfect home. 

For instance, if it’s been on the market for a long time, have you missed something that’s putting people off? Are the sellers a little too difficult to work with? 

Why are the owners selling it? 

While this question is one of the most important ones you can ask, you’ll need to read the room and reel it in a little if there seems to be something sensitive associated with the move (like an unexpected death or a divorce for example).

However, if they’re selling up to start a new job in a new state, and they have children, chances are they’re eager to sell as soon as possible. Knowing this gives you a keen advantage in negotiating a fair price!

What else is included in the sale? 

People can easily forget to ask this question. But the answers can be incredibly helpful and revealing. You shouldn’t automatically assume that everything you see in the house is part of the sale. It’s important to get details about whether yard furniture, fixtures, and other parts of the house are included in the sale itself, or you could be wasting valuable time. 

How long have the owners lived here? 

This is yet another revealing question for you to gain as much information as possible. Why? Because it says a lot about a home if the owners have only lived there a few months and want out already. It may not even be an issue with the house itself. Perhaps there are noisy neighbors or problems on the street that aren’t instantly clear. But let’s face it, no one leaves a home that quickly without a good reason for doing so! 

In contrast, if they’ve lived there for a long time and the reason for the move is legitimate, then there’s a real chance that you’ve found the perfect home by asking the right questions. 

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