What Should I Blog About? Tips for Discovering Your Passion

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Career

Starting your own blog is a great way to express your love and authority for a certain topic while bringing in some extra cash. However, getting through the initial planning process can be difficult, especially if you’re stuck on what to write about on your own blog.

Are you struggling to discover your blog’s overall theme and direction? If so, here are a few tips for discovering your passion and creating a blog you’re proud of.

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Write About Something You Understand Deeply and Enjoy Yourself

While the quality of your writing is crucial, the most important part of blogging is having an opinion and real authority. If you begin blogging about cars and you know nothing about cars, it’s going to drive readers away from your blog rather than into it. Take, for example, something you may use every day like cannabidiol (CBD). Helping your audience learn more about this hemp derivative, where it stands among other cannabinoids like CBN or CBG, and how it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can help them make informed buying decisions.

The good news? There are a host of CBD products out there like CBD oils, tinctures, CBD lotions and topicals, and joints. This gives you numerous blogging topics to leap into. If you use CBD massage oils, writing about the best CBD massage products will help your audience figure out what they need in their lives and what additional products will go into supporting their needs. Whether you’re a fan of Lazarus Naturals, Sagely Naturals, or Our Life CBD, there are plenty of options out there. Many of these top massage oils offer benefits like third-party lab testing and organic hemp (void of toxins like pesticides and heavy metals). You can also talk about the differences between full-spectrum hemp and CBD isolate.

Just make sure that you tell your audience the importance of speaking with their doctor to learn more about CBD and whether or not it’s right for them. Make sure that you follow the law and disclose affiliate relationships as well!

Make Your Blog A Part of Your Online Business

A blog isn’t always a standalone item. Most business owners create a blog as a means to drive traffic to their website and prove they’re an authority on the products or services they offer. For example, if you have a passion for certain items like home and automobile hardware, you can start your online business by turning to an expert wholesaler like Banner Solutions. BannerSolutions.com offers a wide range of the best solutions for your audience’s projects ranging from door hardware (biometric locks, locksets, deadbolts) to automotive hardware like auto locks and accessories. With same-day shipping and support, you can easily stock up on items for your digital storefront.

Once that’s set up, you already have your blog topics. All you have to do is create blog ideas based on the products you sell, add some CTAs to the end of your content, and teach your audience more about the products they will need for certain projects. You can also make your blog profitable with additional monetization ideas.

Consider You Niche, But Make Sure You Have Enough Room to Expand

Finding something you love to write about is great, but not if you write yourself into a corner. For example, if you love helping people understand hair health, making sure that you have plenty of room to expand is crucial. Perhaps you start with topics solely about hair health. Then, over time, you expand to other health areas and create a lifestyle and health blog. When you have more room to move around, you will find it easier to discover new blogging topics and keep your blog running.

Blogging sounds simple, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into its creation and the blogs that you create. If you’re ready to start blogging, use the guide above to find your passion and create a content calendar that will keep your voracious readers satiated.