What Should You Know Before Undergoing a Root Canal Treatment in Huntington Beach

Posted March 16, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Huntington Beach presents upscale restaurants on the Pacific Coast Highway, boasting stunning ocean views. They serve the local favorite, scallops with asparagus and king crab legs, which is a popular Sunday brunch in the Surf City. 

But no matter how big a seafood lover you are, wishing to enjoy the local cuisine in this area, known as The Best Beach of California, a dental problem can ruin your plans.

The suggestion is to consult an endodontist who is an expert in root canal treatment Huntington Beach. Top professionals offer comfortable procedures with a customized approach, using sophisticated tools. Here’s what you should know before undergoing a root canal treatment in Huntington Beach.

What Is a Root Canal?

The median age in Huntington Beach is around 41, but the age group of 60 and above accounts for a large population section, over 40%.

Be it any age bracket; it’s always good to have natural teeth structure for chewing food and speaking well.

The experienced endodontists check for the tooth’s nerve supply, the pulp, for infection. They suggest root canal treatment to remove the infected tissue, ensuring the natural teeth construction gets preserved.

What Are the Signs That Confirm the Need for a Root Canal?

The handcrafted cookie monster ice cream at B.Candy in Huntington Beach is one of the most popular sweet treats in Orange County. 

While the desserts in the beach city can be super delicious, too much sweet can aggravate the symptoms that demand root canals.

Top experts of root canal treatment in Huntington Beach suggest looking for signs like lingering pain in response to hot and cold drinks. The other symptoms include tooth chipping and pain in the jaw and surrounding teeth.

When Is A Root Canal Treatment Required?

When a tooth pulp infection spreads to the underlying root canal system, it can lead to inflamed pus-filled boils that can cause gums to swell. You will need to see an endodontist for getting root canals to ensure you don’t suffer bone loss around the root tip.

Huntington Beach has the Fluoride level in drinking water at 4ppm, which is way higher than the standard value of 0.7ppm and 1ppm to avoid dental fluorosis. A specialist will recommend a root canal procedure for issues such as tooth discoloration, which occurs due to prolonged exposure to high Fluoride content.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Reputable dental specialists focus on saving your tooth with the root canal procedure, also called the endodontic treatment.

In Huntington Beach, the customized treatment design aims at preserving your natural tooth by eliminating bacteria from the inflamed root canal and preventing tooth reinfection.

What Is the Root Canal Treatment After Care?

If you visit a leading endodontist in Huntington Beach, they will suggest you take Motrin or Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours for at least three days. 

They will advise you to use ice packs to minimize the swelling, avoid alcohol, and not do any strenuous exercises for two days after the surgery.

While Orange County is currently in tier 1 of coronavirus spread, Huntington Beach got approval to reopen the beaches last May.

Take all necessary precautions and visit the nearest top endodontist. Rest assured, while you protect yourself from COVID-19, your teeth will be problem-free, allowing you to enjoy the Surf City’s outdoors within the applied restrictions.