What Style of Coffee Table to Go For for 2022

Posted September 28, 2022 by in Decor
living room with coffee table

These days, there’s a decorating style to suit all of our tastes, and luckily, an array of coffee tables that will complement that style perfectly. Whether you’re embracing modern pastoral, organic shapes or a maximalist garden design, there’s definitely a table for you.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this article helping you decide what style of coffee table is right for you, in 2022.

What Style of Coffee Table Should I Get?

With so many styles of coffee table available, where do you start? Essentially, what you’ll need to do is consider the space available to you, functionality required and what will match with your existing decor. Spending some time looking at different types in situ, either in magazines or on Pinterest will help define what shape, material and style will work for you. 

It’s worth shopping around as prices vary enormously – and remember, you can get great bargains in the various sales throughout the year, or even upcycle a thrift store buy, so you’ve got plenty of options.

What Size Should My Coffee Table Be?

As a general rule, your coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your sofa. If you’ve gone for a round or geometric shape, then this figure may be less.  

living room with light pink couch

What Kind of Coffee Table Makes a Room Look Bigger?

A glass coffee table will help to make your room look bigger, as opposed to a chunky, dark wood table which can really consume a space. Glass coffee tables can be a great choice, but ensure you get one with rounded edges, especially if you have young children running around. Be prepared to do plenty of polishing as glass surfaces do attract smears and dust.

How Much Space Do You Need Around a Coffee Table?

It’s important to make sure that you have enough space to get around your table with ease. It’s recommended that you leave between 12 to 18 inches between your sofa and the coffee table, and 30 inches between the table and other furniture, such as your TV stand. This won’t just be practical, but will look aesthetically pleasing too.

Does Your Coffee Table Have to Match Your TV Stand?

No it doesn’t have to match, and in fact, you’ll get a better, more designer look if they don’t. A coordinated look is what you’re aiming for, so look for a complementary material or color to your TV stand when choosing your coffee table.

What Shape Coffee Table Works Best With a Sectional?

This is all a matter of proportion, so first you need to stand back and observe your space. If your sectional creates an L-shape then go for a rectangle or oval shape. If it’s more of a square then a square coffee table will look best. Ensure the size doesn’t extend past the chaise end. If you’re short of space, then a small, round table or ottoman will look great!

Our Best Picks

Best Budget Coffee Table

If you’re on a tight budget, then go for a table made from particle board. Some are filled with paper, using a hexagonal pattern for strength, which can be more environmentally friendly than tables made using purely wood.

Going for a dark finish will make it look more expensive and high-end than it is.

This one is from IKEA—buy it here.

Best Small Coffee Table

If you’re short of space, then you could elect for a folding table that is able to be hidden away when not needed. If you’d prefer a standard one, however, then we suggest going for a nest of tables. This featured example incorporates 3 tables in different shapes making it more interesting, and quirkier to the eye.

Best Coffee Table to Customise

If you want a designer look without the price tag, then there are a few hacks that can fool anyone. Marble is notoriously expensive, for instance, but did you know that you can buy a marble-effect, vinyl, stick-on material which will look exactly the part.

If you’re looking for a decadent look, then use gold leaf on either the legs or top of a metal or glass coffee table. We’d always say that the best coffee tables to customise are those that have seen better days; thrift shop finds that you can play with and upcycle without fear of ‘ruining’ it, so to speak.

Think outside the box and look at tables designed for outside use. This one, for example, is marketed for glampers but would look really smart in your boho living room. If you are artistic, have a go at a paint job – as below.

Best Wooden Coffee Table

This sturdy, simple design gets our vote for both its minimalist design and versatility. Whether you have a rustic or ultra modern look, it will fit in perfectly.

Now you’ve had a look at some of the different style coffee tables seen in 2022, we hope you’ll feel confident choosing one to enhance and enrich your living space. Always remember, though, spend plenty of time looking before purchasing and keep rooting out those bargain buys!