What to Consider When Buying Your First Car

Posted September 18, 2020 by in Lifestyle
Mitsubishi steering wheel

There’s nothing more exciting than being handed the keys to your very first car. You’ve worked hard to pass your driving test, you’ve studied driving theory, and you’re committed to being a diligent and conscientious driver.

You deserve to have your own vehicle as well as the independence and sense of achievement that comes with it. But before you drive off the forecourt and hand over a large amount of cash, there are some aspects all new drivers should consider. Buying a car for the first time can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you don’t really know what you’re looking for or how to get the most for your money.

Well, help is at hand. Here we’ll explore what to consider when you’re buying your first car: 

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The Insurance 

To drive your car legally on Australian roads, you need to have insurance. Check out car insurance via Qantas here to find the cover that’s right for you and your needs. Car insurance is a necessary expense for all drivers, yet sadly for new drivers, you’ll be faced with much higher premiums due to your lack of experience on the roads. 

However, there are ways you can reduce your insurance premiums – the best way is to choose a vehicle with a much smaller engine, or be added onto your parents’ policy. 

Consider a Used Car

It’s easy to be enamored by the lure of a brand new car. All your friends are driving them and the last thing you want is to be bumping along in an old rust bucket. However, not only are used cars much cheaper than their brand new counterparts, but you’ll be paying a fairer price.

You’ll find a wide range of high quality used cars at most dealerships, most of which will only be a few years old and will come with their own warranties and car packages.

However it’s very important you shop around and compare prices when it comes to buying a used vehicle. 

Figure Out What You Need

When you’re looking for your first car it makes sense to take note of what you really need. A car with great gas mileage is essential, as is a car that won’t cost the earth to have repaired or overly expensive to source parts for.

Safety is another aspect new drivers should consider. How many airbags does the vehicle have? Does it adhere to the latest in driving safety standards in Australia? If you’re a long-distance driver, how much room in the backseat do you need? Make a note of your requirements and keep these in mind.

Keep Things Simple

You may have your eyes on heated seats and plenty of cup holders for your morning coffee runs, but try not to get distracted by the lure of gadgets. Cars like these are much more expensive to buy, to run, to repair and to insure!

A flashier model may also be more appealing to thieves and vandals, so bear this in mind when you’re in the showroom.

Take a Friend

Buying a car for the first time is daunting. So, take someone along with you for support, guidance and a second opinion. That way you can buy in confidence.