What to Do When Working in an Office Is Literally Painful

Posted March 1, 2018 by in Career

Aching backs, sore wrists, fingers that literally ache every time you do any typing – working can literally cause you pain, and it can make it even more difficult than it sometimes already is to punch in every morning and do a full day’s work. Still, studies have shown that 9-0 percent of workers who are struggling with chronic pain would rather do exactly that, so what are we to do when work is literally painful?

In some situations, there is, unfortunately, nothing much that can be done, but a lot of the time, by making a few simple changes, you can decrease your pain and have a much easier time in the office.

Here are a few ideas that could help you to minimize your pain in the office:

Sit Up

Good posture can help to keep back problems and neck pains at bay. If your office furniture is preventing you from being able to sit up straight, ask your employer if they’d be willing to replace it with something more ergonomic because most of them would rather do that than have a personal injury law firm on their backs. Of course, most employers want their employees to be comfortable at work too because, the more comfortable they are, the more productive they are. What I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments.

Move More

Whenever you have a break, get up and move, even if you just walk around the office. This will help to keep your body working so that it’s less likely to seize up and cause you chronic pain. Often, it’s staying in the same position for so long that causes us pain in the workplace.

If you can, try to convince your boss to let you get up for 5-10 minutes for every working hour, This will help to make you even more comfortable, and again, your bosses might be more amenable to it than you think because they know that injuries caused at work can cause them big problems.

Position Hands and Wrists Correctly

If you want your hands and wrists to be healthy and carpal tunnel-free, then you need to ensure that your wrists are in a neutral position (not bending) when you type. You can get special equipment to help you with this if need be, and it is so important that you do this because it could either cause you serious problems in that department or exasperate any conditions you’re currently suffering from. Carpal tunnel is no joke.

Get Help

If you’re asked to do a manual task such as heavy lifting, get another colleague to help you, you might feel like you are inconveniencing them, but they’ll be more inconvenienced when your back goes out!

Join the Gym

This might be the last thing you want to do after a day of pain at work, but regular exercise, especially weight lifting, providing you do it well and get advice from an expert if you do have any medical problems, will not only make your body stronger and better able to bear a day of work, but it’ll take away your fatigue too.

Work really doesn’t have to be quite so painful. If you do any of the above that are relevant – exercise is relevant to all of you – you should notice an improvement that will make your working day much more enjoyable than you perhaps thought it could be.