What to Expect From a Good House Cleaning Service

Posted August 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Between careers, errands, kids, and other activities, finding time and energy to keep your home looking fresh and clean can really be a squeeze. It’s no wonder that so many people hire the cleaning of their homes out so they can simply come home and enjoy their space rather than spend hours scrubbing it.

But what should you expect from house cleaning services Montreal?

If you’ve been considering looking into house cleaning services but aren’t sure what it entails, keep reading to learn what you can expect from hiring a professional house cleaning service:

What to Expect From House Cleaning Services

Most professional house cleaning services have similar offerings in terms of a standard, routine house cleaning. While some services offer a little more in the way of deep cleaning, you can generally expect certain rooms and jobs to be covered in a basic home cleaning.


Your floors will be done in each room. This includes vacuuming carpeted areas, and sweeping and mopping in areas with wood or linoleum. If you’re particular about the products used on your hard flooring, make sure to discuss it with the cleaning service.

General Cleaning

Your home will receive a good general tidy and cleaning. This doesn’t include areas where lots of scrubbing is needed, like inside your stove, but it will include a wipe down of your bathrooms and kitchen, a general tidy of living areas, and even beds getting made.


In addition to a general tidy, the chore of dusting throughout the home will be done. This generally even includes areas you don’t think of, like light fixtures and baseboards.

What You’ll Pay More For:

For an additional cost, most companies allow you to add on additional projects. Anything considered “deep cleaning” would fall into this category, but common requests include:

  • Shampooing or spot-treating rugs and carpet
  • Tidying storage spaces like your garage or basement
  • Cleaning out refrigerators or scrubbing out ovens
  • Doing laundry and washing bedding

You’ll also pay more if you prefer a more frequent cleaning schedule. Most services, like home cleaning services in DC, allow for a weekly or every other week visit in their standard pricing. If you prefer a cleaner to visit more than once a week, say to do one round of chores on one visit and another round on the next, you’ll be looking at higher pricing.

Keep in mind that many services require you to commit to a deep cleaning visit first before they will establish a regular routine service with you. Most companies will send someone to view your home and see your unique needs before quoting a price for you, so you’ll know what the cost will be before committing. Check here if you’re looking for cleaning service in Los Angeles,

Now that you know what to expect from house cleaning services, it’s time to turn tedious household chores over to the pros so you can enjoy your weekend more! A good house cleaning service is an investment in your home’s comfort and your precious time there.

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