What to Know Before You Smoke Old Weed

Posted October 26, 2021 by in Lifestyle

People who have been using weed for a long time may already be familiar with its several aspects, such as storing it, the best ways to smoke it, and more. However, not everyone understands how to handle old and forgotten weed they happen to stumble upon at home.

Is smoking old weed safe? How do you know it has gone bad?

These are two key questions that many weed users often have. This article will address critical elements related to both of them:

How to Know Your Weed is No Longer Good

Weed does not go bad the same way food products do. But it can indeed become “off” or, sometimes, moldy. Consider the following to know for sure if the weed is not fit for consumption.

How does it look and smell?

If the stash looks dry, worn-out, and powdery, it is a sign of mold. Look for white, fuzzy spots carefully as they are generally too fine to be spotted. It is not prudent to smoke moldy marijuana as it can lead to heart, lung, and other complications.

The same goes for the smell. Typically, weed has a distinct smell that should remain intact. But if it smells unpleasant, it most likely has mold. That’s because old marijuana may not have the same strong smell as the day you bought it, but it should still be odorless to be safe for consumption.

Are there sounds when you crack it?

You should hear a fair bit of crackles and snaps when you pull apart old weed. If it makes no sound and is too soft to the touch, it probably has mold. Also, if it crumbles into dust the moment you try to break it, that’s an indication of it being too old. It is not advisable to smoke such weed.

How does it taste?

If the marijuana does not smell bad and has no mold, you may decide to light it up. But once you do and discover that it tastes bad, be sure that it has gone bad. Ideally, it should not smell or have any “off” flavors to be safe for use.

Consuming Old Weed

Marijuana, the extract of cannabis used especially for recreation, is widely consumed around the world. And smoking old weed may not be harmful by itself unless someone has an underlying condition. Also, if it is not stored correctly, it may lose its potency or be altered in other ways.

But smoking weed that has gone bad (such as moldy marijuana) may have serious consequences, especially for people who have pre-existing health conditions. People with asthma, immune system issues or respiratory problems are the most vulnerable to smoking old weed.  

While old marijuana may still be okay to smoke, it should still be avoided by people with health concerns. Moreover, smoking moldy weed is not a wise idea for anyone, not just those with underlying health issues. 

There may be dire consequences such as severe diarrhea, vomiting, heart palpitation, breathing difficulties, coughing, and headaches, among other things. In very severe cases, mold may start growing in the lungs. Therefore, exercise plenty of caution when you come across a forgotten, old stash and carefully decide whether or not to smoke it.

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