What to Look For in a Child-Friendly Dentist

Posted July 8, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Child at dentist

If your son or daughter is teething and you are looking for a child-friendly dentist within driving distance of your home, this article was written with you in mind. We list some of the aspects you would find at a child-friendly dental practice.

  • Fun-based atmosphere – When a child walks into a child-friendly dental practice, there is a casual vibe, with features and activities to engage young minds. There would be learning resources in the form of games, plus a few big books for older kids.
  • Trained staff – The receptionist and helpers would be trained in engaging children, which means the kids enjoy their time at the clinic. The best child-friendly dentist in Cronulla has a great set up that is designed around kids and their interests, which will motivate your kids to have their check-ups.
  • Online resources – The child-friendly dentist understand how IT savvy kids are today and they would have a long list of online resources for kids regarding oral health & hygiene; all designed to educate and motivate the kids on all aspects of oral care. Some dental clinics have kiddy member groups, where they get their own username and password that allows them to create their own profile. 
  • Painless procedure – Every dentist knows the importance of a pain-free experience when a child has treatment; today’s treatments are non-invasive and local anaesthetic is often used. The child would also get to know the resident hygienist, who also plays an important role is helping children understand the need for oral hygiene practices.
  • Service with a smile – A good dental practice is one that creates a pleasant ambience and being around happy people is contagious! When everything is in place and staff are of the right disposition and are trained, the ambience is one that kids like being in and that is very important. If you are felling stressed out, here are a few tips for stress relief.
  • Play corner – The large reception area should have one corner devoted to toddlers, with a range of resources to engage their curious minds. Books, videos and fun toys are all on tap and there would be an adult in attendance.
  • Product display – Approved toothbrush and toothpaste brands would be available for both adults and kids, with floss and antiseptic mouthwash also on offer. When you buy oral products from your dentist, you know they are the best; containing no harmful ingredients.

Online Solutions

If you have recently moved to an area and have yet to register with a local dental practice, start with a Google search, which should bring you a list of all the dental clinics in your area.  Browse the websites, looking for the term ‘child-friendly’ and you can make an appointment through the website. Your child’s first dental experiences will determine how they feel about dental treatment, so make sure the practice is child-friendly. Oral health is a critical aspect for children and adults alike and we should all have regular check-ups, which helps the dentist to detect issues promptly.