What to Look for in High-quality Sheepskin Jackets

Posted April 30, 2021 by in Fashion

A sheepskin coat is also known as a shearling coat. It is tanned and treated to make it more wearable and presentable. The shearling coat is warm and stylish, there is so much work going into the making of the coats. And as a great deal of work goes into making the coats, they can be costly. The shearling jacket has its exterior tanned and polished to give it a great sheen. But, the jacket must have a fleecy interior and a huge collar to be really warm. The men’s sheepskin leather jacket has received great acceptance among the fashion enthusiasts, that too without the need of too much an advertisement. This is because of the versatility, great functionality, and high level of comfort they offer. 

To get a sheepskin coat that makes it easy for you to ride the toughest winters, you require having a wide and fluffy collar for the voluminous body sheepskin jacket. The sheepskin jacket has been a standard for the football managers who have to scream from the sidelines in the frosty weather. You will find that professionals that have to wear their men’s sheepskin leather jacket in extreme coldlike to appreciate the outfit in keeping them snug and comfortable.

Before electrically heated flying suits, a jacket helped you live at high altitudes. People with a more or less patriotic bent of mind may like to wear the USA AF version of sheepskin coats. The best model for a sheepskin jacket is complete with several adjustors, pockets, and zips. Sometimes, the original models were made from untreated and raw sheepskin.

The shearling collared jackets give an excellent appearance to the wearer, effortlessly. When it comes to style, a sheepskin coat always evokes a specific hint of menace.

The country of origin is a crucial factor for procuring the right sheepskin. This is because several factors that count in getting the sheepskin, vary from country to country. 

These factors include:

  • Breed of the sheep
  • Age of the sheep
  • Diet of the sheep
  • Craftsmanship in sheepskin

The sheep’s age and breed are important quality factors for outlining the quality of the sheepskin jacket.

Read further to find about the best sheepskin available for making the jackets.

Top-grade Sheepskin

Spanish sheep produce the softest and most supple sheepskin that is great to wear. The shearling sheepskin comes from sheep that are one to two years old. Older sheep have skin that is easier to work with and it tends to be thicker and less supple. But, the sheepskin from older sheep is not as comfortable to wear. The leather grain and wool fur of Spanish merino is the most flexible and soft variety. The Spanish craftsmen have a high control on the sorting and matching of the skins and the tanning process. They have used their fine craft in creating an excellent outfit for centuries, and they work with superior quality sheepskin hide.

The lambskin slink is even better than Spanish Merino shearling. It is obtained in the spring lambing season. It is thin and velvety smooth, suppler, and features short curly fur on its inside. The lambskin slinks traps the warmth from the wearer’s body to give a warm and agreeable feel.

The Finish

You should also choose the finish you prefer for your sheepskin jacket. The finish of the leather jacket is smoother for the outer leather part of the pelt. Suede is the commonest finish of the sheepskin leather coat, and it is known as a Habana finish.

In other cases, you get the full-grain leather-like finish often referred to as Pesca or Nappa. It is easy to clean and also highly stain-resistant—many people buy the Nappa finish than going for the rustic look. You must go for proper care and store the product well to maintain its sheen and help it retain its insulating ability. Sheepskin leather jacket for boys is a popular choice due to its high functionality and versatility.

The sheepskin leather jacket for boys will be a significant investment that even your children will like to wear. Choose the best sheepskin coat that you will never tire of wearing again and again. All in all, investing in a sheepskin coat is entirely worth its while.