What to Put on a Lanyard: 12 Super Unique Ideas

Posted October 24, 2019 by in Lifestyle
lanyard in car

You’re about to crack open a few bottles of wine for a dinner party that you’re having but you can’t find the bottle opener. It takes fifteen minutes of searching and 3 shouts of “what are you doing in there” for you to finally find it at the bottom of your drawer. You could stand to be a little more organized. 

Did you know that you can use a lanyard for that? In fact, you can use one for about everything. Keep reading to find out what to put on a lanyard so you can start to make your life a little bit easier:

1. Identification

When you are new to a large-scale company, the work card hanging on the chest is an essential tool for identification in your work. And when you are unfamiliar with employees, the custom lanyards with different colors on your work card can help you quickly find the department personnel you need. It will save you a lot of time in your busy work.

2. Traveling 

You have to keep up with a lot of stuff when you’re traveling. There’s your passport, hotel keys, ID, and more that you don’t want to misplace.

Having a lanyard can help you with that. You can attach everything to it so it’s all right there within reach on your neck without any risk of being dropped or lost. 

3. Phone Holder 

Believe it or not, it’s easy to forget your phone at home when you’re in a huge rush. All you need is a single attachment and you can carry your cell phone around your neck on a lanyard. 

It’s great for helping you keep up with your phone or for freeing up your hands if your pants don’t have pockets. 

4. Pen Holder 

Do you have a favorite pen that you carry to work with you every day? It could be devastating for you to lose it or forget it. You won’t misplace it if it’s always around your neck though. 

Now you may be asking, won’t it get annoying to have to take off your lanyard and put it back on every time you want to use your pen? You won’t have to. You can get a badge reel attachment which will allow you to use the pen while you’re still wearing the lanyard.

5. Key Holder 

Keys are considerably easy to lose. That’s why you see a lot of college students who have their dorm room keys on their lanyards. You can do the same with your house and car keys. 

A lot of jobs and school functions make you carry around an ID badge on a lanyard to get into the building anyway. You might as well get an attachment and carry your keys on it as well. 

6. Around the House

Lanyards aren’t only good for carrying around your ID and keys. They’re pretty practical around the house as well. For example, you don’t want to have to hunt forever for the little tools that you use in your kitchen if you lose them. 

Get a bunch of lanyards, attach the tools to them, and hang them around in your kitchen. You can do the same for small tools that are in your garage.

7. Good for Kids 

Kids would lose their heads if they weren’t attached to their bodies so they need a little help from mom, dad, and a lanyard. If you’ve got to send a note to their teacher or give them lunch money, slip it onto a lanyard and drape it over the child’s neck. 

Are you a teacher who is trying to keep children organized while on a field trip? Have the children wear a color-coded name badge around their neck with a lanyard. Are you in charge of a summer camp full of kids? 

Attach name badges and emergency contact info to a lanyard and have the kids wear them when they’re walking around the camp. You can view here to find a cute lanyard for your children to wear. 

8. Camping 

There are a variety of different tools that you’ll need when you’re camping such as a compass. It’s easy to misplace these little items unless you keep them on you at all times on a lanyard. 

All of your necessities will be right there on you. All you’ll have to worry about is having a fun weekend amongst the trees. If you aren’t sure of everything you need for camping, I recommend checking out this article: What Are the 10 Essentials of Camping.

For the ultimate guide for camping supplies, especially for those who are new to camping, but know they want to do it more often, here’s the ultimate camping checklist so you’re prepared in the great outdoors.

9. Trade Shows 

One of the best ways for you to spread the word about your services and products is by attending a trade show. This being said, it’s a known fact that trade show attendees love freebies. 

You can make your freebie a lanyard. Print custom lanyards that have your company’s name and information on them to pass out. Nobody you give one to will forget about you anytime soon. 

10. Tool Kit 

Say you’re a stage techie who needs to fix lights or make tweaks to a set before a show. It can be hard to get around and climb up to the catwalk if one of your hands is occupied by tools. 

You can get a small bag to put your tools in and attach it to a lanyard. This will allow you to move around freely with both hands so you don’t fall and hurt yourself.

11. Retail 

If you run a retail store you know how big the crowds can get. This is especially true around the holidays. You can save yourself and your employees a huge headache by providing them with branded lanyards. 

Customers will be able to spot the lanyards in the crowd and go over to your employees to ask questions and buy merchandise.

12. Concerts 

Concerts can get a little confusing. Different people have access to different areas so it’s hard to keep up. 

Consider providing all concert-goers with a lanyard that has their name on it what they have access to. This way you don’t end up with a crazed fan backstage who shouldn’t be back there. 

What to put on a lanyard? The better question is what not to put on one. It’s a helpful tool with tons of different uses. They can keep you organized around the house, make things less confusing for customers and retail employees around the holidays, carry your tools, and help promote your business. Consider buying a few for yourself to make your life easier. 

Did adding lanyards into your life make things easier for you? We’re happy to hear it! Check out our blog daily for more articles like what you read here.