What Usually Causes a HVAC System Malfunction and How to Prevent It?

Posted July 30, 2023 by in Home

Have you ever found yourself shivering or sweating at home due to an unexpected HVAC system failure? It’s not uncommon, and the causes can be numerous. This post will enlighten you on the common causes of HVAC malfunctions and share some preventative measures to keep your system running smoothly. Stay tuned to ensure comfort in every season!

Lack Of Maintenance

Lack of regular maintenance is a leading cause of HVAC system malfunctions. The repairmen working for Lyons Air & Heating always explain to their clients that, over time, dust and debris can accumulate inside your system, hindering its efficiency and causing it to work harder, leading to premature wear and tear. Filters can become clogged, reducing airflow, and components can break down without timely checks. 

To prevent these issues, schedule regular servicing with a professional. They will clean your system, inspect it for potential problems, and replace any worn-out parts. Regular, preventative care can increase your HVAC system’s lifespan, improve its efficiency, and save you from costly repair or replacement bills. Remember, a well-maintained HVAC system is a long-lasting one!

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat is the command center of your HVAC system. It communicates your desired temperature to the system. If it’s not working correctly, this miscommunication can lead to an uncomfortable indoor climate or even system failure. 

There are several potential issues with thermostats. They could be incorrectly calibrated, causing them to send wrong signals to the system. Also, they could be affected by dust or grime, which interferes with their operation. It’s even possible that the thermostat’s location if in an area of extremely hot or cold temperatures, can skew its readings.

To prevent thermostat issues, ensure that it’s correctly calibrated and cleaned regularly. Also, consider its location. If it’s in an area that’s unusually hot or cold, you may want to move it. Routine professional servicing will also help to identify and address any potential thermostat problems, maintaining your HVAC system’s efficiency and prolonging its lifespan.

Refrigerant Leaks

This is yet another annoying, yet common problem homeowners face when it comes to their air conditioning system. Refrigerant leaks can be caused by various factors, including the following:

  • age and wear
  • corrosion
  • vibration and movement
  • poor installation
  • physical damage
  • defective components
  • chemical exposure
  • extreme temperatures
  • pressure issues
  • poor maintenance

Refrigerant leaks in your HVAC system can lead to inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption. These leaks occur when the cooling agent escapes due to factors like age, damage, or substandard installation. To prevent this, ensure professional installs your system, regularly inspect for signs of leakage, and always address any discovered leaks promptly to maintain your HVAC’s efficiency.

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues in the HVAC system can range from blown fuses to tripped breakers, worn-out capacitors, or faulty wiring, causing it to malfunction or cease operating entirely. These can result from power surges, age, poor installation, or inadequate maintenance. To prevent such problems, regular professional servicing is crucial. 

During these checks, technicians can spot and rectify potential electrical issues before they escalate, ensuring that your HVAC system continues to operate safely and efficiently. Always remember, working with electricity should be left to professionals due to its inherent danger.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Frozen evaporator coils can disrupt your HVAC system’s operation, resulting in reduced cooling efficiency or complete system failure. They freeze when there’s insufficient airflow due to dirty filters or a malfunctioning fan, preventing heat from being absorbed. Additionally, low refrigerant levels can also lead to coil freezing. 

To prevent this, ensure the filters are regularly replaced or cleaned, the fan operates correctly, and refrigerant levels are adequately maintained. Regular professional servicing can spot and address these issues early, keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Remember, a well-maintained system is key to preventing such malfunctions.

Compressor Problems

The compressor in your HVAC system is comparable to the heart in the human body, vital for circulating refrigerant between indoor and outdoor units. If it fails, the entire system can malfunction. The causes can vary from electrical issues to overheating, improper refrigerant levels, or simply wear and tear due to age. Compressor problems can lead to poor cooling efficiency, irregular temperature, and in the worst cases, complete system shutdown. 

To prevent compressor problems, you should ensure your system is professionally installed, thus avoiding issues such as improper refrigerant charge. Regular servicing by a professional HVAC technician is also crucial. They can inspect the compressor, identify potential issues, and make necessary adjustments or replacements. This proactive approach helps maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency and longevity.

So there you have it! By staying on top of regular maintenance and servicing, you can forestall the most common HVAC problems. Never underestimate the importance of routine checks and quick repairs. Remember, the comfort, energy efficiency, and longevity of your HVAC system are in your hands. Invest in it wisely to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

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