What Will I Look Like When I Lose Weight? Now You Can Find Out

Posted September 30, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
what will i look like when i lose weight

Alright… today’s the day! You’re bound and determined to make a change in your life and hit the weight loss goals you’ve always dreamed about. After copious amounts of research, finding a plan you’ll stick to, and gearing up for the journey ahead, now all that’s left is to grind it out. Now, you just need that last bit of motivation to get you over the edge and help you keep your eyes on the prize!

“What will I look like when I lose weight?” you may ask yourself. What’s better motivation than seeing the end result before you make this life change? Here are phone apps that can give you all the encouragement you need:

Visualize You App

Imagine losing your targeted amount of weight and looking back to compare your before and after pictures. That amount of satisfaction is addicting and can prove to be a prime motivating tool.

Thanks to the Visualize You App, you can see what that will look like before or during your weight loss phase! This app has gotten rave reviews on its capabilities ever since it first came out.

The Visualize You App is super easy to use. Just pick out a facial shot of yourself at your current weight and enter in your targeted “after” weight goal. After that, it will ask you to place handles on your cheeks, under your chin, and the corners of your mouth.

Once you’ve done that, it will reveal the weight loss look you can obtain and what you may look like once you’ve lost the desired weight!

From there you can decide whether you want to make that your phone wallpaper for inspiration each day or merely see it once and then delete it… it’s completely up to you!

Model My Diet

This website hosts a virtual weight loss simulator that you can adjust at any time, thus using it throughout your weight loss journey.

While you obviously want to see the extreme changes in your current weight to goal weight, it’s also handy for showing how the body changes during weight lossMen or Women can use this site to mix their height, belly composition, current shape, and goal shape with their current and goal weight and show the results of both.

While it may not show what YOU specifically look like (uses a 3D model rendering) it does give you an idea of the features you can keep your eye out for as you get closer and closer to your body weight. For instance, if you’re hoping to see your abs or more definition, the Model My Diet website will give you an idea of what weight you can expect to start seeing those changes at.

Remember, it’s all about the small victories on your way to an enormous life change at the end… try to enjoy them along the way!

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

Ladies, are you looking for a fun and interactive way to not only have a visual image of your weight loss but to help you achieve it? Then the My Diet Coach- Weight Loss app is right for you! This app helps you summon the inner motivation and guidance you need to successfully reach the finish line.

It also has a cartoon before and after image of yourself on your home page of the app, to always serve as a fun and healthy reminder of the end goal.

My Diet Coach allows you to make the necessary tweaks to create a maintainable everyday diet. It also helps you track calories so that you’re staying in line with the dietary requirements of your weight loss.

There are also small features such as the tips and quotes for inspiration and “drink water” reminder to stay hydrated through the workout grind.

Change in Seconds

This is another website that offers a 3D model rendering of what you will look like once a certain weight is achieved. Change in Seconds challenges you to be honest with your current body position to get a more accurate rendering of your future look with its weight loss algorithm.

Merely select in your body height and your current body type (apple, pear, or hourglass). Form there you just type in your current weight and goal weight to update the model rendering.

Once you’ve seen the results you’re looking for, this site also offers free workouts to help you achieve your goals in the form of either a downloadable pdf or video.

You can sort workouts on the site that are popular, workouts that are hot right now, and those that are trending in that direction.Whatever the case may be, there’s a lot of tools at your disposal with this site.

They’re the perfect quick sweat workouts to incorporate on your weekends!

The age-old question of “What will I look like when I lose weight?” has never been easier to answer. Now that you know the tools that you have at your disposal, what are you waiting for? Go check out your desired results today!

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