What You Should Do if You’re Completely Lost in Renovating Your House

Posted June 10, 2022 by in Home

When people give guidance for renovating a house, they can only really offer universal guidance, there are no perfect manuals as to how to go about renovating your own house, where the value lies in doing that, or how to avoid design pitfalls that may exist in your property and only within your property.

That said, much of this advice can apply regardless, so the problem isn’t necessarily that hard to deal with. If this is your first renovation, however, it’s not hard to lose focus and to be unsure of where to begin. That in itself can pose a problem, especially if you have a tight budget and deadline to work with.

What should you do if you’re completely lost in renovating your household? Is there a foothold to start from? Are there some basic plans you could make? We believe there are, and in this post we hope to discuss a few ways to orient your planning, as well as discussing how to move forward with care:

chic dining room with pink velvet chairs

Consider The Exact Functions You Require

A good way to simplify your possible plans is to figure out what it is you’re actually looking to change. It’s very easy to think of renovations as grand sweeping changes, but when you really bring it down to basics, you’ll understand how simple it can be.

For instance, perhaps your windows are tired, drab, and even in a state of disrepair. It can be worth installing those first, and perhaps fitting a bay window area more capably than before, integrating a seated unit or even a simple table seating area. This is hardly renovating an entire room, but it’s a very specific area that you can get right for now. This way, you’re likely to integrate a possible route forward, without making the plans too complex.

Look To The Potential Of Your House

Renovations aren’t about overwhelmingly replacing everything in the space or completely redesigning an area, at least they don’t have to be if that’s not what you’re looking for. Instead, renovations are better thought of as efforts undertaken to reveal the inner value of the household. 

For some, it may be just that your gorgeous garden area deserves a staging space so that views looking out over it are easier to have while inside. This might mean that adding a conservatory onto your space could be a good means of extending the kitchen and dining environment. Alternatively, perhaps you just wish to unlock the dividing space between two rooms to showcase the ‘open plan potential’ that could be there.

Restoration Is Its Own Reward

Restoring your property can be its own reward, and may make such a difference that you no longer consider renovation to be as necessary as you once may have. Professional Property Restoration Services can help you rejuvenate your space, and help with repairs if difficulties have taken shape, especially in properties that have been unattended-to for a while or may have suffered weather damage.

Sometimes, renovations can be reparative in nature, too. Having your driveway refitted so that water runoff and drainage is a first priority can prevent the pools that you had to deal with this year. Alternatively, you may wish to render a space functional again. Bringing a vehicle back into the garage for overnight storage can enhance how secure it is, for instance, as well as ensuring the space is cleared out and you avoid treating it like only a storage area.

Source A Quote Or Two

All of this planning and advice is nice, of course, but it’s not necessarily going to help you start planning that easily. It can be nice to just get an idea of what a certain renovation might cost. There’s no shame in contacting a few companies and discussing your rudimentary plans for an area, asking them if it will work or if you’re getting ahead of yourself.

When you have a good idea of how much certain work will cost to perform, what materials may need to be brought in, and the overall logistics of how to prepare your property in advance, all of a sudden you have direct guidance from the perspective of the professional. This in itself helps you understand your plan and if it’s feasible.

Take Inspiration From Style Guides

Some homeowners think that if they don’t solely utilize 100% original thoughts in their renovation planning, somehow the creativity and the potential of the space has been undercut. Not so. While certain inspirations are never going to match completely with the home you’re planning to renovate, it can be truly helpful to get a broad idea.

Maybe looking at open-plan designs and how two separated spaces have been successfully fused into one could be the starting point that works for you. Or, perhaps seeing a range of home offices, with desks, organized layouts, and room for certain equipment like music recording equipment can inspire you to use that spare room and make it into a professional space.

With online communities easier than ever to find, you may be surprised just how much is available for you to work with here. Remember, asking questions about specific installations can always help, too.

Work With An Architect

If you’re willing to truly invest in a thorough renovation of a space, an architect can be worth their weight in gold. While this is far from the cheapest option, these professionals train for years to consider the perfect balance between form and function.

If you’ve decided to extend the property with entirely new floor plans, this is often the best way to go. They can help you format the planning, the dimensions, recommend materials, and make sure that all of this is packaged so submitting for planning permission is that much easier to deal with. As a first-time renovator, having access to that kind of insight is tremendously valuable.

With this advice, we believe you’ll be more than capable of renovating your entire house, even if you’re lost with where to start.