What Your Moving Company Wish You Knew

Posted May 8, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you are relocating to a new home or office and hire a professional moving company to assist in the process, you should keep in mind that you can do things to help them complete the task in a breeze. A hassle and stress-free moving experience happen when every party works together to achieve their goal. This means you need to draw the line between helping and staying out of the moving company’s way. 

Here are some of the things that your moving company wishes you are aware of:

Stacked moving boxes labeled "clothes" and "stuff" on a wood floor.

Nobody likes to get caught off-guard on moving day.

This is an important aspect of moving, especially if you are relocating with heavy and bulky items such as refrigerators, pianos, or hot tubs. Make sure to make this known to your moving company to help them prepare and plan for a better loading and unloading process. They may require the use of additional equipment or men to move your items, so it is never a helpful idea to take them by surprise with your unexpectedly heavy belongings.

Be ready for the movers’ arrival. 

Make time to plan for the arrival of the moving company on your property. Will they have a hard time accessing your home or office? Do they need to use the elevator to get your items? You have to ensure the moving company can easily come to your property without delays.

Every detail of the move is essential for the smooth flow of the process, so be sure to provide them every information they require. If they need a parking or elevator permit from your building manager, do it ahead of time to avoid delays. 

Finish packing before moving day.

Whether you decide to outsource a team to pack your things or opt to do it yourself, be sure to complete everything before your move. All the boxes should be properly labeled and secured with tape, so the moving company can go ahead and transfer them neatly inside the moving truck. Always use packaging tape and not masking tape whenever you do your packing. 

Avoid packing bulky items in large boxes.

This is a common mistake for property owners when they do their own packing. Heavy items like books and figurines belong to small boxes. Lighter items, such as blankets and pillows, should go in larger boxes. 

Try to be present on moving day.

Your movers want you to be there on a moving day. If you can’t make it, someone you trust should be there to oversee the entire process. Your movers may have questions about what they can and cannot move, so they need someone to be present. Someone should also make sure to sign the mover’s paperwork. 

Let the movers do their job. 

Sometimes the best help we can offer the moving company is not to help at all. You can tell them where the items are or direct them to the right rooms, but allow them to do the rest. Be assured that they know what they are doing and complete the task right the first time. 

If you are looking to relocate soon, Relentless Moving Logistics, LLC would be delighted to assist you. Have a chat with our moving consultant and find out what we can do for you. 

*Photos by cottonbro