What Your Preferred Wedding Band Style Says About You

Posted September 10, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Like any type of jewelry, your engagement ring, wedding band, and the accessories you choose to celebrate your wedding all say a lot about you. Whether you’re an elegant bride with a white gold band, classic gold ring, or a casual bride with a sterling silver band, your choice of wedding rings says a lot about your personality.

Before deciding on the ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life, consider what your choice might say about your personality:


Women who prefer the classic and elegant look of timeless tradition will want to check out Kendra Scott’s women’s rings to stay true to their style. Kendra Scott is a jewelry company based in Austin, TX. Through the use of natural materials, including genuine stone and shell, they create quality, affordable luxury products that make fashion and its trends truly accessible.

If you’re someone who’s naturally drawn to quality and simple design, a yellow gold marquise and a solid yellow gold band could be the perfect wedding set design for you. On the reverse, if you already have a simple band and traditional ring, you’re likely telling people your personality is one that prefers tradition and timelessness not only in ring styles but in how you live your life, too.


If you’re a casual person, it’s likely you value comfort in your overall wardrobe. For someone like you, a diamond ring set, stackable rings, and designs with breathable grooves could be a great way to go. For someone who’s artistic or works with their hands, for example, a wedding band set that doesn’t get in the way and can be worn for business, as well as casual events, will be a perfect fit for you.


Are you a free spirit? You can show your personality off with a gemstone ring, a wedding band set in rose gold, or by choosing a custom design to wink at your unique sense of style. If you’re a free spirit looking to show off your whimsical sense of adventure, you might want to check into Kendra Scott’s summer designs. With all-natural rings in fresh styles that will keep you inspired, it’s likely you’ll find the perfect design for your wild side.


If you’re someone who enjoys fashion and following the latest trends, you’ll want to consider a ring that can hold up to change. A tricolor ring, for example, might work. In incorporating precious metals in every color into your wedding band set, you’ll be able to mix and match pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more as your tastes and trends change.

One trend that’s stood the test of time is a birthstone wedding ring set. If you’re someone who enjoys colored gemstones, this could be a great way to go to stay in line with trends. Considering a stackable ring set could be a great way to go, too. Your ability to wear a diamond with a wrap or a band with your engagement ring alone will give you options based on the latest in fashion and wedding band trends. These choices will all tell the world that you’re ready for anything and keeping up with the latest in design; something important to a trendsetter like you.

Picking a wedding band or engagement ring that suits your personality is a great way to make a statement about yourself to the world. The same way that an engagement ring will tell people your heart belongs to your one true love, it’ll also give them hints about who you are. Considering what your rings may say about you is a great way to express yourself going forward.

Congratulations on your wedding and best of luck finding the perfect rings for you and your partner!