What’s All the Fuss About? 5 Key Facts to Consider About CBD Products

Posted March 31, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

Interest in CBD continues to rise and you will most likely have read or heard all sorts of claims and descriptions relating to the healing properties and medical benefits that these products could potentially deliver.

You may well decide to try alcohol-free CBD tinctures, for instance, and if you know a bit more, in general, about CBD products, it could help you to make a more informed decision about what you want to try.

Here are some of the key facts to consider about CBD products:

Don’t Expect to Get High

The fundamental difference between THC and CBD is that although they are both cannabinoids it is only THC that will give you the so-called “high” associated with cannabis.

THC is the psychoactive compound directly associated with marijuana and you won’t find this in CBD products, so you won’t get the high that frequently accompanies the description associated with inhaling marijuana.

CBD creates a distinctly different effect on your body, which is why it is deemed to be an acceptable option when you are looking for a product that could provide you with some pain relief, for instance.

Don’t Confuse It With Hemp Oil

Another common area of confusion is the use of hemp oil as a product that promotes health benefits, which are not the same as CBD oils.

CBD oil contains cannabidiol and the usual manufacturing process is to combine a base oil with the cannabis plant in order to create a CBD product.

In contrast, hemp oil is created by an extraction process from the seeds of the hemp plant, which does not contain any CBD.

Safety Concerns

Despite the fact that the FDA is reticent to declare CBD as totally safe, officially, the World Health Organization, have been happy to make a public declaration that they consider pure CBD to be safe and does not present a risk to public health.

The general view at this stage is that CBD can be considered safe to use in its recognized and authorized forms and does not present the habit-forming risks that can be posed by smoking marijuana, for example.

Understanding How CBD Is Extracted

The majority of CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant using heat extraction or solvent methods.

Solvent extraction involves the use of solvents in order to successfully separate the compounds from the plant. Heat extraction involves the use of steam to harvest the oil in a less harsh way, which is also considered to be highly effective too.

The extraction method used tends to have an impact on the quality of the oil, so it is worth finding out how a particular product was created.

Ask Before You Buy

Common sense dictates that you do some research into the CBD product you want to try before you actually buy and start using it.

The general view is that full-spectrum oil retains more of the nutrients and plant compounds, so that could be a good starting point with regard to quality control.

CBD products continue to grow in popularity and if you know a bit more about how they are made and what extraction and production methods to look out for, it should help you make a more informed choice when you buy.