What’s the Difference Between Life Coaching and Career Coaching?

Posted September 15, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Few things are worse than being jaded and unfulfilled in your life. With all of the information and professional help at your disposal, you thankfully don’t have to.

Getting life and career coaching can help you show up in your personal and professional life so that you can thrive with abundance. So what’s the difference between life coaching and career coaching?

Read on to learn the difference and add some coaching to your life.

Life Coaching Focuses on Self-Care, Vision, and Goals

When you think of life coaching, consider its ability to help you as a human, irrespective of anything that happens in your career. Sure, personal and professional fulfillment are intertwined, but life coaches help you with the systems and thought processes that allow you to be joyful in every part of your life.

A life coach will often start by sitting down with you to assess who you are and what things motivate you. They’ll help you set goals and plans to achieve those goals. These professionals will also help you to clarify your intent and live with vision in all parts of your life.

It’s not uncommon for them to craft a self-care routine so that you can center yourself and navigate each day with peace and resolve.

All in all, think of it this way — your life coach addresses your spirit, health, and wellness, which pushes you to achieve great things in your life, professional or otherwise. When you have a quality life coach, nine times out of ten, they’re able to refer you to a career coach that is best suited for your needs and experiences.

Research their life coach certification and find out what areas they emphasize. Doing this will help you choose a coach that can truly motivate you and get the best from you.

Find out their specialty and what foundation they build their work on. For instance, some might be business and professional development-oriented, while another coach might be fitness and spirituality-minded. They might teach you about meditation practices that help you quiet the ego and focus on the present moment.

Figure out what works for you and schedule a consultation.

Career Coaching Will Help you Climb the Ladder and Achieve Work-Related Goals

Career coaching deals strictly with on-the-job matters and accolades. You will learn to develop skills that will serve you as a professional and allow you to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

They might help you with things like networking, polishing your communication, leadership training, and industry-specific goals. having a career coach will help you figure out how to navigate your current work environment as you look to upgrade your experiences.

Career coaching is also essential when you have a big decision on your hands. For instance, you might be mulling over a big job offer from another firm that you’re not quite sure about. You might also want to vet your readiness for certain positions or public service roles.

Either way, having another set of professional ears that can listen and advise you will be crucial.

Find Professional Life and Career Coaching

Getting professional life and career coaching can help you more than you know. Whichever you choose first, make sure to do your research as you assess your life goals.

Check back for more self-care info that can help you out in your personal and professional life!