What’s the Strongest Kratom Strain You Can Buy?

Posted August 25, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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Kratom is quickly taking a position as one of the most popular botanical’s available on the market. However, with so many color and geographical variations it can be hard to work out the effects and strength of the products on the market. We break it down and tell you what is the strongest Kratom strain available!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is an evergreen tree species from the coffee plant family. It grows throughout South East Asia and is widely used as a multi-purpose medicine and stimulant. It has effects that range from everything to energy-boosting, relieving pain, and is even used as a wound covering in some cultures.

Kratom is extracted from the leaf of the plant. It is then sold packed as kratom pills and is most commonly available in powdered form.

With such a wide-ranging diaspora, Kratom comes in many variations. These include color variations and geographical strains. Each can have different effects and have differing results.

The Strongest Kratom Strain for Pain Relief

Red strains of Kratom can relieve pain and bring on relaxation. In particular, the Red Bali strain is an excellent remedy for aching muscles and joint pain. It is used to treat people withdrawing from opiate addiction.

If you feel you want pain relief from something a little less potent, Green Malay Kratom has a similar effect but on a milder scale. This can be a great choice for anyone not wanting to dive in at the deep end.

The Strongest Strain for Energy

White Kratom strains provide energy and heighten attention and focus. Maeng Da is arguably the strongest and contains many alkaloids, meaning the energy boost is instant and the effects are powerful. In fact, they are so powerful that if you are just starting with Kratom try a very low dosage of a less intense version.

A slightly less intense version is the White Sumatran strain which is also known to enhance one’s sense of well-being. This is often used to increase productivity and work ethic in many South East Asian industries that require long hours.

The Best Kratom for Relaxation

Borneo based Kratom can help de-stress and has pain relief properties. One of the most popular of these is Borneo Potent, which is used for its fast-acting properties in both fields. It is extremely strong.

Red Borneo could be used if you require something less strong, but again it is still powerful so proceed with caution. White Indo is a newcomer to the market that can also cause deep sedation.

What Kratom Is Best for Me?

This all depends on what you are using Kratom for. White strains are best left for raising energy levels. Relaxation comes from Borneo based strains, while pain relief can be found in strains from Bali or green Kratom.

Always bear in mind that many strains will work differently on everyone. What is the strongest Kratom strain for one person may work differently on another individual. A wide range of Kratom pills and powders are available at the Kratom connection which can browse by clicking here!