What’s Your Name? 5 Important Reasons to Use Personal Name Badges in the Workplace

Posted November 18, 2019 by in Career
5 Important Reasons to Use Custom Name Badges in the Workplace

Did you know that companies focusing on customer experience drive up to 8% more revenueCustom name badges could be all it takes to change your customer experience journey to reap huge benefits. They improve efficiency, boost staff morale, and improve customer service. All that, for a small lapel pin!

Not convinced yet? Check out these ways personalized name tags will make your workplace better for everyone:

Badges Build Brand Awareness

Get the ‘Hello, My Name Is…’ image out of your head. With today’s design tools, it’s easy to create sleek and on-brand professional name badges. Choose from a wide range of materials, sizes, and styles to make sure your badges stand out enough to be seen – but build brand awareness.

Staff wearing your logo on their badge, for example, adds another subconscious touch-point for customers. It takes several of these to cement a brand in their minds – so each opportunity is powerful!

Name Badges Improve Premises and Staff Security

The point of name badges in a customer-facing business, such as retail, is to deliver a personalized service. If you’re concerned that broadcasting staff names to strangers put staff at risk, use fake names.

Assign false names to each member of staff and use these on your badges instead. Transport for London does this – with great success – for their London Underground staff. People using the trains benefit from identifying staff when required – but personal privacy is still respected.

If your business isn’t customer-focussed, real names make it easy to identify who should – and shouldn’t – be on your premises.

Name Tags Help New Staff and Volunteers with Orientation

Using real names for non-customer facing operations staff helps build social bonds quickly. It’s particularly helpful for new staff or volunteers to easily find their way around and integrate into their team. There’s nothing worse than seeing the same person every day and calling them Dave… only to realize 4 months later they’re actually Steve.

Badges also help staff identify their preferred terms. For example, those who use preferred pronouns or have chosen a different name could include this on their badge. Name badges used in this way create a more inclusive work environment, for happier and more engaged staff.

Custom Name Badges Help Your Staff Deliver a Personalized Service

People feel more valued by businesses that make an effort to establish emotional connectionsInstead of seeing several people dressed in the same uniform, a name tag helps customers identify each staff member as an individual. It humanizes the situation and builds that all-important emotional bond.

Badges Help Customers with Impairments

Some people, such as those with dementia, easily forget new people. Perhaps others suffer hidden disabilities or extreme anxiety that stops them from reaching out for help in your store or on your business premises.

Use name badges to highlight employees trained to handle sensitive situations. For example, health staff can add a rainbow sticker to their badge to support nervous LGBTQ+ people in accessing healthcare tailored to their needs.

Custom name badges are an inexpensive solution to so many problems – including delivering a more personal customer experience.

Yet, there are still so many things you can do to encourage loyalty, repeat customers, and even rave reviews about your business! Check out our marketing and customer experience blogs for more ideas to turn your company into a must-visit for any new customer.