When Is a Good Time to Change the Locks of Your Home

Posted December 14, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Protecting your family and belongings by securing your house from invaders is critical. If you live alone, it is even more important to take precautions to protect your home. Changing the locks on your home is one of the most important ways to do so. However, before you change the locks, read this comprehensive information on when it is a good time to change the locks of your home.

When Should a House’s Lockes Be Changed?

Certain conditions require changing your house’s locks as soon as possible. Here are certain situations where you should change your locks right away:

  • Relocating to a new location
  • You have stolen your keys.
  • Robbery or break-in
  • Divorce
  • Locks that have been damaged
  • Getting rid of a difficult tenant

While the names of these situations should be enough to give you an idea of why changing your house locks is required, let’s go above each of them in-depth to give you a clearer understanding of the effects you may face later:

Moving To a New Place

It is always suggested that you change the locks of your house once you have moved in, whether you have purchased a new property or have simply rented one. The main reason for upgrading the locks is to improve house security while staying within a budget. Although your owner may have informed you that the locks were changed after the last renter left, you should not take security for granted.

Because the former owner or a renter may have a spare key to the current locks, it is best to replace them and ensure that only your owner and family members have keys to the new locks. Make sure you update the locks on all of your doors and windows. This includes your backdoor and garage door, as well as the main gate to your property that enables access to the yard or garden.

Losing Your Keys

One of the most typical reasons for replacing the locks is the loss of your keys. It’s critical to replace your locks as soon as you realize you’ve stolen your keys. Even if you do hope to discover them someday, it is advisable to prevent a wait and risk the safety of your house and family by simply producing another set of keys for your own usage, using the spare one.

Damaged Locks

Locking mechanisms are subject to wear and strain over time and will eventually fail. Some locks will have obvious damage, which is easy to detect. Others, on the other hand, will catch you off a surprise. The lock becomes broken apart on the inside and refuses to open or close without leaving any visible signs on the outside. This implies that if you haven’t replaced your locks in a long time, you may find yourself trapped in your room and in need of a locksmith.


It’s difficult for a couple to divorce because they can’t be happy together, but it’s even more difficult if the divorce is harsh, with bitter disagreements and conflicts over property ownership. Change the locks on the main doors as soon as you formally own the property if you want your ex to keep out of your house and not be surprised by unexpected visitors.

Don’t make the mistake of using the same locks on your rental apartments if you’ve had difficulty detaining a client. Change them right away to avoid future illegal occupation of the flat or house to use a key that the stealthy tenant has duplicated.

You now know when and why to change the locks on a house. It’s also crucial to only share your house key with people you trust and to always return it to those you’ve leased it to, even if they are people you trust. Keep yourself safe!