When Should You Consider a Lower Body Lift?

Posted May 3, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

The technical term for a lower body lift is belt lipectomy, which is a re-contouring procedure that can be helpful in not only improving your appearance, but it also might be medically beneficial in certain situations. To know whether you actually qualify as an ideal candidate for a belt lipectomy, let us now discuss some of the key aspects related to the procedure, so that you can make an informed decision.

Are You Aware of What It Is?

The key to knowing whether a cosmetic treatment would be appropriate for you is to actually know what it is, what results you can expect after going through it, and the associated side-effects, if any.

As explained on Dr. Coberly’s site, a lower body lift is a re-contouring and shaping procedure that removes extra skin, tissue and even some fat from the abdominal region, hip region, both thighs and the buttocks to improve the appearance of the individual. To extract excess fat often found under the skin, a bit of liposuction might also be necessary.

The official website of the renowned plastic surgery clinic by Dr. Coberly (located in Tampa, Florida) also goes on to explain that an adequate belt lipectomy can significantly help moms who are looking to have more children in the near future. The lower body lift will also tighten the abdominal muscles, which become loose as the baby continues to grow during pregnancy.

What Can a Lower Body Lift Fix Exactly?

To know whether or not you have anything to gain from a belt lipectomy, see if you can relate yourself with any of the following conditions first:

  • Do you have uneven cellulite and tissue around your lower body?
  • Is there skin that’s hanging loose on any part of your lower body?
  • Are there any observable deformities with the contouring near your buttocks and/or thighs?
  • Is their sagging and excess fat around the lower abdominal/lower back/buttock region?

If you identified your body with a few or all of the conditions mentioned above, a lower body lift stands to benefit you greatly.

Have You Lost a Lot of Weight Recently?

Most of the above conditions occur when a person loses a lot of weight within a short period of time, as is often the situation post-delivery.

Even when the person in question has lost weight through rapid dieting and exercise alone, a belt lipectomy might even be necessary as there is often a lot of loose skin in such cases.

The goal of losing massive amounts of fat is to look, feel and be healthy, but a lot of loose skin can make the tremendous effort feel less fruitful since it can be unsightly. In such extreme cases where it is causing physical and/or psychological problems, a lower body lift can provide relief, as well as a much needed boost in confidence.

By now, it should be easier to answer whether you qualify for a lower body lift or not. If you are ready for it, visit Dr. Coberly’s website, go through all the information they have put out for everyone to go through and book an appointment with them for a practical consultation.

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