When Should You Use Roman Shades?

Posted January 15, 2019 by in Home

Designing your house is an important task. Of course, it’s easy to change the design later, but it’s efficient to choose the right one, the one you’re ready to live with for a long period of time, right off the bat. One of the most fundamental elements of the room design is window treatment. Some people go with regular drapes, shades and boring designs.

We’re sure you have heard about Roman shades. That’s why you’re reading this article to be sure you’re making the right decision. And if you’re still not sure, here’s a small guide about roman shades and their usage.

The choice of fabric

The first step you have to go through is to choose the face fabric. The material will set the color and pattern of the product. It will also affect the transparency of the shades, their control system, their security, and durability.

Avoid heavily embellished fabric if you want a light presence in your room. If you want the folds to lie finely on top of each other, you will have to go with light and medium weight materials. Rescomdesigns advises testing the fabric sample before buying it.

Do you want it relaxed or constructed?

It’s your personal choice to take relaxed shades or constructed ones. Relaxed roman shades are saggy, they rely on their own weight and don’t have rigid support inside, while constructed roman shades are straight. They have rods, dowels and appear to be more stable.

Some people prefer constructed shades for their simplicity and security, but it’s up to you to choose which one’s the best for you. They both function equally well. The only thing is that you’d better choose constructed shades for large windows. It’ll be hard to manage relaxed shades on such windows.

Choose your lining

The lining is not necessary. Not all shades need that. If you don’t already know, a lining is a secondary fabric besides the shades to provide more security, privacy, durability and light control. The lining also helps to roll up the shades and filter the sunlight.

Use a blackout lining in your bedroom. You’ll be able to keep your privacy and darker tone in there. But think about no lining or transparent cotton lining for your living room and kitchen.

How do you want to control the shades?

Roman shades have three types of control system. You can always do it manually, have a remote system or integrated electric motors.

  • Electric motors are the most expensive solutions for this issue. It requires electrical wiring, and you might even have to remodel a few things in the room.
  • The remote system allows you to roll your shades up and down as you please with a simple press on the button.
  • Manual control requires for you to be there and manually lift the shades with cord and cleat.


This is the last step that requires you to decide whether you want your shades inside or outside of the window frames. It can easily be decided once you measure the windows and their frames.

Follow this simple guide on roman shades and treat your windows with the best solution. Choose the shades that best suit you. Go online, scroll through various designs and live your life knowing you made the right choice to implement roman shades in your design.