When The Air Gets Cold: 6 Valuable Pieces Of Advice For Vaping In Winter

Posted September 16, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Advice For Vaping In Winter

There are many things that become less enjoyable when the cold weather hits. Thankfully there are always workarounds, and it isn’t like you are going to give up vaping just because the temperature dropped. Here are a few ideas to make that winter vaping more pleasant:

  1. Keep your Vape Warm

You may not like being cold, but neither does your vape. Your battery may need to output more energy to do its job in exactly the same way as you burn more fuel to operate in the cold. This is going to make your battery drain a lot more quickly, and that means you aren’t going to get as much use out of it.

  1. Keep Your E-liquids Warm

You may be thinking that because your eLiquid is primarily composed of alcohol that you aren’t going to have any issues with it, and this may be true for the most part. There is a chance though that the cold is going to affect the consistency of the liquid, and that can affect the performance of your vape. Use the same solution you use for vape and your eliquid and everything is going to be much easier.

  1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Drip tips get cold, like all the other parts of your vape. Unlike other parts of your vape, you are going to be pressing it to your lips a lot, and that is going to affect the moisture of your lips and may make them chap. That is going to make the whole activity of vaping very unpleasant, and it is avoidable. If you can’t keep the drip tip warm get a chapstick.

  1. Increase Your PG Level

That cold is going to affect your ability to get a throat hit, and if that is something that you enjoy, you are going to want to handle the problem. The simplest way to do this is to get an eliquid that has a higher PG or Propylene Glycol level. The problem with a lesser throat hit occurs when cold causes the PG to become more viscous.

  1. Decrease your VG Level

Having huge clouds in the winter are more likely than in the summer because your eliquid thickens, and so do the clouds it produces. Some people don’t mind this, but if you are a fan of smaller clouds, you can fix it. To avoid this you can drop the VG or vegetable glycerin levels, and you will have smaller clouds.

  1. Avoid Extra Long Draws

That reduced throat hit and the reduced heat of your atomizer because of the cold, may make it so that you want to take a longer hit on the vape, but that is going to drain the battery and the atomizer, and it is going to eat through your eliquid quicker. As mentioned, a better solution is to increase your e-liquid’s PG level.

You are going to vape all year round, but you don’t want to have an unpleasant experience during the winter months, and you don’t need to. If you follow these simple tips you won’t have to worry about the problems that can result from cold weather vaping. Thankfully they are all easy fixes.

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