Where to Purchase Lash Extension Supplies

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Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, fake mink, or silk strands that are placed to your natural lashes strand by strand. The extensions are put one at a time with care, using a specially designed semi-permanent adhesive that will not irritate or harm the native lash.

Unlike pre-made fans, which are put to the skin as a strip or individually, lash extensions are affixed directly to the lash, and there are even vegan lashes.

The final appearance adds length, fullness, and lift to your natural lash. It is up to the customer if they want to create a more dramatic or natural look.

If you want to do this at home, it is now possible because there are many products out there that you can use to do your lashes!

These same supplies can also be used by lash artists for their clients and even by those who already have eyelash extensions to maintain them.

eyelash extension supplies

What Supplies Do You Need?

For a reason, a seasoned lash artist will return to specific brands such as SoCo Lashes. Every item on your eyelash extension supply list should, of course, be of the greatest quality.

Conduct your research and confer with other specialists to decide which organizations have the finest choices, consistency, and dependability in product availability and customer service.

Because you’ll need to renew your supplies frequently, it’s critical to pick a provider who maintains its items in stock and is prompt if you need assistance.

Discerning customers frequently inquire about sources and ingredients, so it’s important to understand what goes into each product and how it’s created.

Tweezers for Lash

These are a must-have tool for lashing. A lash service requires the use of two sets of tweezers. The first pair is used to separate each natural lash to guarantee a clean application.

This implies that no other natural lash or extension will adhere to your chosen natural lash.

Isolation tweezers isolate your desired natural lash for a perfect application. They are ergonomically built to do so.

Lashing tweezers are the next set of tweezers you’ll need. Yes, you will be holding isolation tweezers in one hand and lashing tweezers in the other.


A pre-primer eliminates cosmetic residue from the client’s lashes, promoting the greatest adherence possible when the extensions are applied.

As a result, it improves overall retention, which boosts customer satisfaction tremendously.

Micro brushes and primer

You must apply primer to each lash because primer guarantees that all dirt and oils are removed from the lashes before application.

This will tremendously impact your customer retention, especially since we don’t know what they do or how they care for their lashes once they walk out the door.

When you apply lash extensions to a customer who has residual mascara and oils on their lashes, the glue will not stay. So use priming and apply it with micro brushes.

Tape and Eye Pads

Even throwaway items should be composed of high-quality, non-irritating materials for your client’s comfort and safety.

When it comes to these things, don’t skimp on quality to save a few dollars.


The most significant thing on your eyelash extension supplies list is, of course, lashes.

Choose faux mink or synthetic silk over their natural equivalents, which might irritate or cause allergic reactions in certain people.

Purchase extensions in lengths and curls to ensure your customers’ lashes are as natural as possible.

Lash Glue

Now for the item that will keep everything together! Glue is most likely the most crucial component of each service. Finding dependable lash glue is critical to your work.

Investigate your alternatives and ensure that you have a suitable glue on hand for every service.

You must select your lash glue wisely since you cannot keep a large number of lash glues and will not utilize the majority of them. It may go to waste.

Knowing the humidity in your location can help you choose which one you need to buy.

Crystal Stone and Lash Tile

These provide two distinct functions, yet they are grouped because they complement one another.

A lash tile will assist you in staying organized by providing simple access to your lashes and keeping track of what is where.

A crystal stone is your answer to the question, “Where do I place my adhesive?” It extends the life of your adhesive and controls the temperature.

Serum and Lash Sealant

After you’ve finished applying for the lash extensions, use a lash sealer and serum to aid with retention and to offer critical vitamins and amino acids to help the natural lashes grow longer and stronger.

Using these treatments after your session encourages the client to buy them as part of an aftercare routine.

Cream Removers

Removing eyelash extensions is now easier than ever, thanks to the superior melting gel remover, a quick and easy solution that will make your work much easier.

It will assist you in removing the lashes, and your clients will undoubtedly like the aromas of mango, cream tea, and strawberry. And who wouldn’t enjoy it?

eyelash extension supplies organized in plastic containers at salon

Are you just starting out as a lash technician, or do you need to replace your lash extension kit? To provide your customers with a fantastic experience and outcomes, you should arm yourself with all of the supplies and tools necessary to make a stunning pair of lashes every time.

When making your list, you might question what else you’ll need, especially if you’re new to the industry. As the lash extension business expands and becomes more popular, more individuals are choosing this product to improve their look and boost their self-esteem.

So, to stay on top of your game, stock up on all the goods on your list so you can deliver the greatest quality products and attention to every customer.

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