Where to Splurge and Where to Save on Your Wedding Day

Posted June 15, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Weddings are expensive, but they don’t need to be. You can easily have a stunning wedding on any budget. You just need to know what wedding components are worth splurging your money on, and which ones you can save (and often big) on by looking at an alternative option.

There are so many ways to enjoy that magical day without seeing the dollars add up, especially if you follow these tips: 

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Where to Splurge 

Your Make-Up and Hair 

Though you could potentially find a great MUA at a very good cost, the risk isn’t worth it. Find a hair and makeup artist whose work you love, and who has years of experience. What they charge for their services is worth it to help you look truly breathtaking on your wedding day. 

Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer 

The same applies to your wedding photographer. Anyone can have a nice camera and take a picture. The real talent comes from being able to spot those stunning candid moments, be able to create stunning romantic engagement shots, and above all else, edit them properly.

If you want to have beautiful memories of your wedding day captured for eternity, then hire a great photographer and videographer. Remember, after the wedding is over, the only memory you’ll have left is the photos. 

Your Wedding Band or DJ 

Next, you should love the band who is playing. This could be a small-time cover band that is budget-friendly, or a well-regarded wedding DJ. Regardless, you want to have fun and dance, so make sure the music is perfect. 

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Where to Save 

The Location 

There are many stunning destinations you can host your wedding at and save. To do this, all you need is to choose a destination that offers wedding packages. This often allows you to combine the cost of the venue and the reception, as well as rent the chairs, tables, and catering, depending on the package size.

By packaging up this cost instead of hiring everything individually, you can save big and cut out a lot of the hassle.  

The Dress

Your wedding dress is special, but it shouldn’t have to cost the same as a car. You can rent your wedding dress for a great price, or, if you want a great dress at a fraction of the price, you can find it on consignment.

There are wedding dress conventions, second-hand sellers, and so many more opportunities to get the dress at a great price. 

Tip: Save on the dress and splurge on the tailoring to get that dress to fit you perfectly. 

The Flowers 

Flowers can cost a lot, and they are really only used for one day. If you want to find ways to save, then it is here. One option is to use in-season blooms only, like wildflowers, which cut the cost considerably. You can go directly to a grower and buy the flowers yourself and then arrange them from there. 

Another industry trick is to use a mix of both real and fake flowers for each table. No one will know the difference!

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There are many ways you can have a truly stunning wedding at a great price. Just know where you need to spend your money (services) and where you can save (dress, flowers, and location).

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