Which Cryptocurrency Is Likely to Rule in 2022?—here are our guesses

Posted January 16, 2022 by in Lifestyle

One of the hottest topics that you get to hear, discuss or read these days is cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency was first launched in 2009 and Bitcoin was the first coin. Since then it is one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest price value. Today we have around 13,000 plus different cryptocurrencies. Gone are those days when people invested only in Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are also getting more and more popular. It is very important to look at cryptocurrencies from many different angles before you decide which is the right one for you. Check crypto wealthapp, to have a guide on choosing the right cryptocurrency.

So, if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies and trying to learn which cryptocurrency is likely to rule in 2022, then this post will help you. 


No matter what its price is, Bitcoin is the oldest and leading cryptocurrency. It is the one that has been ruling the cryptocurrency world and it will continue to do so even in 2022. Irrespective of the ups and downs in its price, people are still showing interest in Bitcoin only. It is considered one of the best options for investments. You will be able to make quite good profits with it compared to the traditional stock market. To find out more about Bitcoin price history visit this guide to learn more.


The second-best cryptocurrency and the one that is going to rule the crypto world in 2022 is Ethereum. Blockchain technology is used in powering this cryptocurrency and it is this technology that is making it a more secured option for everyone to invest. It is popularly known as ETH or Ether


If you are looking for a great option that can keep the value of your investment safe then Tether is your choice. This is also going to rule the crypto market in 2022 and also in the next coming years. Tether is a kind of cryptocurrency, more precisely it is a stable coin. For those who wish to keep the volatility of cryptocurrency at bay, Tether can be very helpful. It helps in doing that. 

Binance Coin

Not just in 2022, but Binance Coin is going to remain in the market far beyond that. It is a kind of cryptocurrency and you will be able to use it in many different ways. You can even use this coin for paying the fee on the Binance exchange. It can be used for making payments, booking your travel arrangements, and more importantly for trading. This coin was launched into the market in the year 2017. 


From the day it was launched, Dogecoin has been maintaining its value. Like all other cryptocurrencies, even it has to go low and maintain a low profile for a certain period. In the year 2020, Dogecoin has come into the limelight. In the last year, this coin has gained a lot of popularity and has several investors. It is going to be in the market for a very long time. 


Solana is another good cryptocurrency that many people would love to invest in. The last year has been a very beneficial time for Solana or SOL. The price of SOL has increased by almost 17,500 percent. That is surely a great hike in its value. Its maturing ecosystem and the low fee are making it famous. It will surely compete with top coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin in the future. 


Litecoin will surely have a place in the list of cryptocurrencies that are going to rule in 2022. The number of investors in Litecoin is increasing every day and their transaction time is the reason for it. It takes just 2.5 minutes to confirm any transaction. With Bitcoin, it is going to be 10 minutes and that is a lot of time. This will also be a good competitor for Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. 

This is a small list of cryptocurrencies that will rule the crypto world in 2022. But like we all know, cryptocurrency is never stable and you can never predict which coin will rule. This is just a prediction based on how the values of these cryptocurrencies kept changing in the past. They can grow very high in just no time and at the same time, they can even fall very low. Bitcoin and Ethereum are two top coins that will always stay on the top.