Who Really Benefits from Digital Asset Management Software?

Posted December 10, 2020 by in Career

Are you contemplating investing in Digital Asset Management Software? DAM software gives business owners, creative teams and marketers alike the chance to increase their productivity, collaborate with teams across their organization and enhance brand identity, building brand recognition and ultimately, appealing to more of their target market. 

Investing in a DAM solution means complete control of your digital assets, by keeping them centralized in one easy to manage library, you and your teams can access the files needed within seconds, thanks to the insertion of metadata capabilities that streamline any search. You’ll also get the benefit of tailored usage permissions, ensuring only the right employees can access certain files. You also get the added peace of mind of continual backup processes, ensuring that in the event of human error or a cyber-attack your digital assets are safe and easy to recover. 

DAM software is essential for the efficiency of any organization and for building a consistent company identity. But which industries or individuals can really benefit from this priceless digital management tool?

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Marketing Teams

The driving force behind your digital marketing campaigns, your marketing team has a demanding position within your business. They need to be in full control of all your digital assets, ranging from your logos and your branded media to your videos and audio files, even data sheets and other marketing materials.

As a business with potentially thousands of digital assets, finding the right file without the help of DAM software is the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack. With DAM all digital files are stored and organized in a fully tailored library, making in-house marketing much simpler.

Event Management

Anyone who works within event management will be aware of how much data and branded resources are utilized in such a short space of time. Organizing events involves promotional materials, sharing branded content and engaging potential clients and your target audience with high-quality resources and effectively expressing your company message through well-branded and highly consistent materials.

Again, those working within the event management industry could benefit from the user-friendly and organizational prowess of DAM software. Keeping all materials secure and organized can help keep a company message clear and error-free during these crucial events. 

Sales Teams

No matter what industry you’re in, sales teams are at the forefront of capturing customer interest and selling your brand and company image in real-time. Meetings with clients often require on-the-spot sales pitching and having access to branded materials and the latest product data and information is crucial for clinching that sale. Being able to access these digital assets anywhere and from any device is where DAM software comes into play. Users can find what they need within seconds and continue to maintain a strong brand identity. 

And finally…

Healthcare Providers and Pharmaceutical Industries

The healthcare industry is focused on improving and maintaining the health of people from all walks of life. However, behind the scenes, they’re also busy promoting their services and communicating with potential purchasers, donors and consumers.

DAM software can help this industry maintain control over its digital assets and keeping these files safe and secure to avoid potential legal action. 

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