Why a Collagen Booster Should Be Part of Your Skincare Routine

Posted October 6, 2022 by in Beauty
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If you’re keen to support your health and beauty, you’ll no doubt be familiar with all the exciting promises of collagen-based or collagen-boosting products and regimes. 

Far from being the latest five-minute beauty trend, the popularity of collagen skin booster products has become well-established over the last couple of decades, and there’s a reason this beauty focus is not going anywhere. 

Collagen plays a vital role in both our basic health and our visual appearance. It’s a key player in the vital nutrients and processes that keep our bodies functioning well, feeling good and looking amazing – it’s little wonder the beauty industry is constantly seeking the best ways to boost our collagen levels. 

Here are some insights on this wonder ingredient and how you can enjoy more of its magic in your life. 

Woman applying collagen booster to skin

The Health & Beauty Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body and it’s one of the most important of all the body’s nutrients. Its basic role is to support a healthy structure of our skin, bones, teeth, muscles etc, as well as to aid in rapid recovery from injuries. 

In terms of beauty benefits, collagen is cited as being one of the main factors in how our skin ages. When collagen levels are high, as they naturally are during childhood and adolescence, the skin appears plump and firm, with youthful elasticity and smoothness. 

Over time, the body makes less of its own supplies of collagen, and these supplies also become less effective. As a result, the skin can begin to show fine lines and wrinkles, and it may take longer to heal from injuries such as cuts or burns. Reduced collagen levels are also noticeable in nails and hair, which can become thinner and more brittle. 

In the face of all these effects, it’s easy to see why beauty experts might look for ways to boost falling collagen levels in an attempt to regain those youthful benefits, such as strong, healthy and smooth skin, nails and hair. 

How to Boost Your Collagen Levels

For the last couple of decades, the beauty world has been investigating the best ways to get more of that all-important collagen into our systems, where it can work its magic on our skin as well as our internal processes. 

While there are numerous variations on the ways to boost collagen, there are essentially only three methods;

  1. Ingesting collagen supplements (or collagen-stimulating supplements)
  2. Making dietary changes that support increased collagen production within the body
  3. Applying topical collagen boosters directly to the skin. 

Why Use a Topical Collagen Booster? 

There’s been a huge amount of buzz around the best types of collagen supplements, as this has previously been one of the best ways to increase the body’s collagen levels. 

In the past, topical creams containing collagen were unable to penetrate deeply enough into the surface of the skin to effect significant visible improvements to the structure and elasticity of the skin. 

This is no longer the case, as new innovations in skincare have led to breakthrough collagen-boosting creams and lotions that contain particles small enough to work at the deeper levels of the skin, where they can improve the foundational structures lost as a result of reduced collagen levels. 

Now that topical collagen boosters can be so effective, they have an advantage over the other methods of boosting collagen levels – reliability. 

With supplements or dietary changes, results are limited to the individual’s ability to absorb the relevant nutrients in the most effective way. 

For example, those with digestive issues may not reap the benefits of supplements if their supplement is not absorbed appropriately. 

Similarly, dietary sources of collagen or collagen-boosting ingredients require a complex combination of bioavailability and nutritional processes for maximum effectiveness. 

With topical applications of collagen, provided they’re of the kind that can penetrate deeply into the skin, the collagen boost is delivered much more reliably than internal processes. 

Plant-based or Animal-based? 

As with all modern beauty boosters, there is more at stake than the aesthetics – ethical, environmental and wellness factors also play a part. That’s why there’s long been a call for vegan or plant-based collagen-boosting products. 

Until recently, vegan collagen was deemed to be less effective than marine or bovine sources, yet thanks to recent breakthroughs, there are new vegan versions that promise the same great results as the more established animal products such as bovine collagen

So if you’re looking for a reliable way to support your skin’s natural structure and elasticity, collagen creams can make a transformative difference to the texture, smoothness and firmness of your skin. 

That’s why the latest topical collagen boosters will make a beautiful addition to your facial skincare routine.