Why Add Parking Sensors to Your Car—Everything You Need to Know

Posted July 1, 2023 by in Lifestyle

More and more of us are becoming reliant on parking technology, which means it comes as no surprise that 39% of drivers use parking sensors in the US. They are great at providing better visibility and helping you reverse into tricky parking spaces, as well as alerting you to any obstacles behind your vehicle. 

How do parking sensors work? 

Parking sensors use capacitive proximity sensors use ultrasonic technology to keep drivers aware of any obstructions in a car’s blind spot. A sound wave is emitted by a controller in the car and the distance it takes to bounce off an object within range is measured. This is then used to calculate how far away the obstacle is, using high pitch sound to alert drivers they are getting closer. 

This parking technology can be monitored by ready a diagram that features on the car’s infotainment screen. The distance between the vehicle and the object is displayed as colored blocks or as live footage. 

Is it worth installing parking sensors? 

Absolutely. Parking sensors can be installed both at the rear and front of your car, either in sensor or camera form. This not only makes driving more convenient for you but is part of making driving safer for all. Adding the latest parking technology means you can keep your car on the road longer and prevents you from spending thousands of dollars on car repairs. 

They can save you time, money, and stress in the long run, so they are well worth the purchase. 

What are the advantages of parking sensors? 

Parking sensors are becoming more common in modern vehicles. Most are now manufactured with them built in, but if yours doesn’t, then you might be wondering why you would benefit from getting some: 

Make your life easier 

Parking sensors can help you park in even the most congested and tricky spaces, giving drivers the confidence they need to drive safely on the road. It also minimizes the chances of getting scratches or bumps which in turn means fewer trips for repairs. 

Driving is safer 

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports more than 5.8 million vehicle crashes occur each year so making driving safer is a priority. Parking sensors make you more aware of surrounding vehicles and obstructions when parking and moving on the road. It also warns everyone in your surrounding environment too so driving can become safer for other vehicles and pedestrians too. 

Increased visibility 

Even in low-lit or dark areas, parking technology dramatically increases your visibility. The driver is alerted to the presence of obstacles even in the blind spot, making it easier to move in traffic and remove the stress of maneuvers out of parallel parking.

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