Why Do People Vape?—everything You Wanted to Know About This Popular Trend

Posted December 23, 2020 by in Lifestyle

It’s suffice it to say that vaping has been around a long time. In the beginning, vapers first began their pursuit of a viable alternative to traditional tobacco with the inception of mechanical mods. Fast forward to today and vaping has exploded in popularity; it is widely seen as the alternative to smoking tobacco. 

Not a fan of nicotine patches and Nicorette gum? Look no further. There are hundreds of reasons as to why many folks prefer vaping over smoking. Factors such as convenience, budget, cleanliness and unlimited flavor combinations draw hundreds of people to vaping products.

With: In this article we will explore these factors in order to understand what drives hundreds of thousands of people to power on and use their vape NZ day-in and day-out.

You woman vaping outside in New York City.

Kicking Tobacco 

Let us face it – tobacco is expensive, smells and offers truly little variety when compared to vaping. Over the course of the last few decades tobacco’s influence on American society has begun to wane. This is largely attributed to a robust body of medical research that has confirmed tobacco smoke to be carcinogenic with drastic health effects associated with its continued use. Tobacco is dead in the water and has been for quite some time. 

People are addicted to tobacco for many reasons. It could simply be the nicotine or even the ritual of smoking; or even a combination of factors. No matter how you slice it, tobacco is addictive and destructive. Enter vaping. Vaping can get tobacco smokers their nicotine fix, but in a cleaner and likely-healthier way. While it is true that the jury is still out on the long-term health effects of vaping, it has become immediately clear that it is much cleaner than standard combustion, i.e., direct heat. 

Thus, vaping offers a cleaner, cheaper and altogether better alternative to tobacco. Why smoke cigarettes when you can choose from thousands of flavors and nicotine strengths? Invest in the best vape juice and try different flavors for a satisfying vaping experience. Believe us…vaping smells way better than cigarette smoke.

Convenience is King

One of the biggest implicit benefits to vaping is its convenience. As the old saying goes, convenience is king. In general, people will choose the path of least resistance. This is something vaping can offer prospective users.

No more carrying around lighters and consistently losing them. No more exorbitant taxes on tobacco products. No more sticking to a single tobacco brand only to find out that their formula has changed, often leaving you at a loss because that was ‘your go-to brand.’ Indeed, vaping allows one to circumnavigate all of these issues. Most vaporizers such as a dugout box, available in the market today are portable, customizable and capable of handling a range of materials from e-liquid to dry herbs.

What is easier than taking out a vape pen, taking a hit and simply putting back in your pocket? No need to find an ashtray or locate the nearest ‘smoking area.’ In other words, why utilize antiquated technology when the future has already arrived? 

Keeping Things ‘on the low’

As we previously mentioned in the introduction, smoking tobacco smells. If you have ever lived in a household with someone who detests smoking, then you will know what we are talking about. No amount of breath fresheners or gum will be able to remove the stink of tobacco smoke from your clothes, hair and mouth. 

Once again, we turn to vaping, which offers users a discreet way of enjoying their nicotine and flavored products. Outside of major cloud chasers, most vaporizers have been designed with keeping discreet in mind. This especially applies to vaporizers designed for dry herbs, which altogether are much less offensive smell-wide when compared to combustion. 

For many folks, the ability to vape without the worry of smell or bothering their significant other is a big draw. Who would not want to enjoy limitless options in a discreet but powerful package that is guaranteed to not step on toes? Besides the true diehard tobacco users out there, we don’t think there are too many folks who will defend traditional tobacco. 

Price Flexibility 

Pretty much everyone knows that tobacco is an expensive and dirty habit. The real killer being the expense. For people who smoke cartons a day the price tag begins to add up significantly. 

Not to mention the long-term costs associated with tobacco, which are astounding if you add in future medical expenses for conditions caused by excessive tobacco smoke. Why not save your hard-earned cash as well as your future self? Switching to vaping offers unparalled control over cost when compared to tobacco. A carton of Marlboro Reds or Camel Filters cost what they cost with little wriggle room. 

No need to buy a thousand lighters, air fresheners and other accoutrement. Life is complicated enough already. 

In this article we have discussed a handful of reasons as to why hundreds of thousands of people across American prefer vaping. While tobacco has reigned king for hundreds of years, it has finally been eclipsed by the future – vaping. 

Vaping offers users the ability to kick their tobacco addiction in a more affordable, convenient and discreet package. In all, vaping does away with many of the negatives associated with tobacco smoke. Mainly, the exorbitant expense, health risks, smell and constant headache of having a lighter on hand. 

There is a new challenger on the scene. While the long-term effects of vaping are yet to be discovered, one thing is for certain, tobacco’s day in the sun is long past. America and the world have largely moved on. Tobacco emporiums have become a thing of the past while vape shops have become the new local hangout where people enjoy vaping, conversing and saving money at the same time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try vaping today. We are quite confident you will not regret taking the chance. 

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