Why Do You Need a Company Page on LinkedIn?

Posted November 18, 2022 by in Career
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Do you want to enhance your brand, find amazing new hires and win new clients? Then it is time to create a company page on LinkedIn! In this article, we are going to explore the top ways a LinkedIn company page can take your business to the next level and look at effective strategies for LinkedIn pages

What is a Company Page on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn company page is a profile that is associated with a specific business or organization. Just like an individual’s LinkedIn profile reveals professional information about a person, a company profile highlights key information such as the number of employees, location, services, history, and more. There are now almost 60 million registered companies on LinkedIn. Check out below some of the ways these companies are using this social media platform and how you can make it part of your organizational culture

1. Attract Amazing Talent

Did you know that 49 million people use LinkedIn every week to search for jobs? By creating a LinkedIn company page and advertising jobs on the platform, you can instantly create a new hiring pipeline. Nowadays, many job seekers are starting their employment search on LinkedIn, and because there are so many opportunities on the platform, many job seekers have no use for other sites or job boards. 

LinkedIn has become an incredibly effective job searching platform as users can quickly search for specific open roles in particular locations, salary brackets, and industries. And then further explore the company offering the role by clicking through to their company page. LinkedIn has made the job search process fast and smooth and allows job seekers to browse thousands of jobs and research companies without leaving the platform. 

Thanks to LinkedIn’s search function and instant messaging feature, the platform is also great for recruiting specific candidates. You can quickly search for employees from a competitor and strike up a conversation. Before you know it, you can have poached a star recruit from your biggest rival. Stop letting all of your competitors snag amazing talent from LinkedIn and start competing for star performers by setting up your company LinkedIn profile today! 

2. Build Your Company’s Brand

LinkedIn has just under 900 million users! By setting up a company LinkedIn page, you can quickly get more eyeballs on your company. Just having a company profile will significantly improve your brand, but you can supercharge your reach by:

  • Creating engaging regular blog posts – Blogs that do well on LinkedIn include industry insights, day in the life, sneak peeks of new products
  • Interact with your stakeholders – Messaging suppliers, customers, investors, and other people in your industry on LinkedIn is a quick way to boost your brand’s image and create some buzz about your company
  • Design a customer banner – Stand out from boring company profiles by coming up with your own eye-catching banner 
  • Add detailed information to your profile – Your LinkedIn profile viewers should come away from your page having a clear understanding of what you do, your plan, vision and should get a feel for your company

When people think about your industry, you want your company to be the first thing on their minds. The only way to achieve this is through excellent branding. LinkedIn is a fast and free way to take your company branding to the next level. Just remember to post consistently on the platform, and don’t be afraid to message and build connections with people in your industry.

3. Use Your Employees As Ambassadors For Your Company

When one of your employees lists their current role or previous roles on LinkedIn, it will include a clickable image that will take people to your company’s LinkedIn page. This is free advertising for your company; every time someone views one of your employees’ profiles, they are going to see your company name and logo, and if they want some extra information can head to your page in a single click!

By having your company page linked to your employees’ profiles, you are tapping into their network, which can have various indirect effects, including finding new star recruits, winning new clients, and overall building your standing in the industry. As your employees will be representing your company, it becomes critical that you hire people that have a strong status in your industry and the community so you can effectively leverage their networks to grow your company.

4. Promote Your Company’s Key Updates

Are you launching a new product? Are you excited about a big new client you landed? Are you fundraising for a great cause? Then LinkedIn is the perfect place to let people know. With millions of people logging into LinkedIn every single day, you can quickly get the word out about all the latest and greatest things your company is doing.

You can share virtually everything on LinkedIn, from sales to new product lines to end-of-month wrap-ups to charity events. LinkedIn is a great place to keep your customers and stakeholders informed about what your company is up to and continue to build long-term relationships. You can ensure everyone in your industry sees your updates by getting all of your employees to share your updates. Before you know it, hundreds of thousands of people will be engaging with your LinkedIn content!

5. Connect With Your Customers

To ensure you build long-term relationships with your customers and they continue to buy from your company for many years, you need to go above and beyond for them. A way to stand out from other companies is to form a personal connection with them. This is where LinkedIn can come in handy.

On LinkedIn, you can follow all of your top customers and build your relationship with them by sending them messages and just seeing how they are going. You can offer them personalized discounts, invite them to exclusive events and even turn them into your biggest advocates by asking them to share and comment on your content. By putting in the extra effort to connect with your customers, you can build lasting relationships with your most valued customers. Many businesses have successfully used their top clients to advocate for them on LinkedIn and win new business.

Creating a LinkedIn company page is an incredible way to build your brand, win new clients and attract new talent. This professional social media platform is very easy to use, and by spending just a few hours a month on your profile and content, you can experience real results. With almost 50 million registered companies already using LinkedIn, it is not too late to create a page and start reaping all of the benefits.

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