Why Epoxy Furniture Is Ideal for Outdoor Spaces

Posted November 18, 2022 by in Home
epoxy drying on table

Homeowners are keen to spend more time outdoors, from relaxing in the garden to planning family picnics every weekend and hosting parties on the deck. Not surprisingly, these areas are on top of their home design checklists. An aesthetic outdoor space can also add value to your property, so you shouldn’t have any qualms about the investment.

Choosing the right furniture for these areas is perhaps the trickiest part because you need a mix of aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Think beyond wood and metal, and add a special touch to your outdoor space with epoxy furniture. Let us explain why it makes an ideal choice for the garden, deck, and backyard decor.

person painting wood table with epoxy

Aesthetic value

Epoxy tables make an excellent choice for a flaunt-worthy backyard to host picnics and barbecue parties. You can impress your guests and enhance the curb appeal of your exterior space with stunning, high-gloss pieces. Besides the premium feel, the material offers versatility with gorgeous colors and patterns. Moreover, these pieces are lightweight, so you can move them around effortlessly.

Full marks for durability

When choosing outdoor furniture, durability should be on top of your mind. After all, these pieces do a lot of heavy lifting when kids and pets are around. Moreover, they bear the brunt of environmental factors like rain, snow, and sunshine. With epoxy tables, you need not worry about durability because the material is sturdy and lasting. It is resistant to moisture and scratches, so you can expect the furniture to look shiny and new over the years.

Low on maintenance

High-maintenance items are the last things you want as a homeowner because they require time and money. With table epoxy, you need not worry about maintenance, even when you use it for exteriors. The material is easy to clean, and wiping it with a moist piece of cloth is enough. Even if kids spill food over the table, you can remove the stains and dirt with a mild soap solution.

Heat resistance

Opting for commercial-grade epoxy coatings for your outdoor furniture is a great idea if you often host outdoor gatherings. You can place hot pots and pans on the table without stressing about stains and discoloration. The material is heat resistant, so there is hardly a chance of damage, even if you put a plate with something straight out of the barbecue over the surface.

Non-toxic surfaces

Besides outdoor dining, you can use the table for cutting and chopping fruits, veggies, and meats. The best part about epoxy coating is that it is non-toxic. So you can place food on the surface without the risk of contamination. The material is an excellent choice for health-conscious homeowners looking to avoid chemicals and toxins in food, water, and daily-use items. Epoxy is also safe from mold and mildew, making it safe for dining and food prep.

Epoxy furniture is an excellent option for outdoor decor because it offers several benefits. Despite its aesthetic value, the material is affordable, so you can ramp up your home exteriors on a low budget by choosing these furniture pieces.