Why Fashion Plays an Important Running Function

Posted December 14, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

Right from the title, you could probably be asking yourself the same question. Does fashion play a crucial running function? Here is what you need to know about the role that fashion plays when it comes to running.

A study in 2014 showed that what we wear, the perception that other people have about what we wear, and how the clothes fit are somewhat connected.

The real question here is, can we really improve performance by dressing for the occasion beyond functionality and simple comfort? How do we pick apparel that will make us faster? Let us find out all about this:

Do our running clothes say anything about us?

The research revealed that many people believed that athletes wearing tight clothing were more likely to run faster and longer distances than those wearing loose-fitting clothing. Therefore, it is right to say that how people feel about their abilities when it comes to athletics is greatly influenced by clothing fit.

Confidence also goes a long way…

A certain amount of self-confidence is required just for showing up on the trails or road for that morning run or track. This, therefore, implies that not only how you dress for the run but also confidence in what you are doing is essential. As an athlete, high confidence levels make you feel less anxious, tolerate more, give you a sense of optimism and enthusiasm, set higher goals, and do more.

The relationship between confidence and what to wear is basically a matter of knowing what works best for you. If baggy clothing gives you more confidence, then run in the baggy clothes; if you feel better in tight clothes, then do the tight outfit.

What should you wear when running? Below are some must-haves for your running wardrobe:


The right socks are essential to ensure that you do not get blisters while running. Running socks are recommended since they are made in a way that they keep your feet warm, especially during winter, and prevent blisters. Those with extra padding around the heel give warmth and extra comfort. Socks that lack the toe seams could easily cause blisters. Discover the best-selling socks that feature seamless toe technology for maximum comfort as you jog or run for sports.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Polypropylene long-sleeved tops are the most popular; they can be bought in different thicknesses depending on your preference. Others also have a different type of selection, for example, the natural wonder-fibre Merino wool. Merino is very warm when it is wet, but it is quite expensive.


When taking that early morning run, or during the winter season, you might need a jacket. Waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight jackets that are made from Ripstop Nylon or Pertex are beneficial. Gilets are a popular alternative to weatherproof jackets. They are lightweight and sleeveless and thus a better option during the mild winter season.

Additionally, they can be worn over a long sleeve t-shirt.


Running tights could be an ideal choice if it is cold. Their stretchy nature makes them supportive and won’t dangle in water puddles or mud in case of rain. There are men and also womens running tights in the market. There are also winter weight tights that have a thermal fleece lining and windproof panels for more insulation.


Shorts that are made of supple nylon are ideal for running. They are light in nature and allow airflow, and thus help to avoid sore spots. The shorts are also shaped to give complete movement freedom, which increases one’s jumping ability. Others prefer tight lycra shorts, similar to the ones worn by sprinters to provide support and prevent chafing.

Wrap Up

Right from women’s running tights to shorts, what you wear when running entirely depends on your personal preference. Peaked caps and sunglasses could also be a perfect complement to your fashion.

It is also important for you to note that cotton is a very efficient fabric when it comes to soaking up your sweat, but it retains it, therefore, making it uncomfortable, wet, and heavy if you sweat. It also has rough seams that could cause chafing if in the wrong places.

Heart rate monitors also come a long way to provide feedback about the cardiovascular system. The Heart Rate Monitors, and sports watches, are also fashion accessories that could be used to perform a range of useful basic functions.