Why Houston and Austin are Top Destinations for Year-Round Weddings

Posted November 23, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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When it’s time to choose a destination for your wedding, there’s no shortage of options that offer memorable experiences, stunning scenery and comfortable amenities. What makes a place stand out is that perfect combination of unique setting, the right price tag and the perfect atmosphere, topped off with archive wedding rentals to add a vintage feel.

To get that special blend, look no further than Austin and Houston, two Texas cities with a wide array of wedding experiences on offer. Both cities are among the state’s top five most populous, meaning venues, caterers and wedding planners are numerous. Wedding rentals in Houston can fit any style, with venues housed in everything from ranch estates to vineyards to stately houses. If you are not interested in a large wedding you could elope in Texas

Read on for a few reasons why Houston and Austin should be top picks for your wedding day, any time of year:

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Texas Has Style

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the size of the state’s personality. That swagger extends to the many music venues, cultural centers, art galleries and shopping districts in Austin and Houston. Texas style also supports a broad scope of aesthetics, covering Western, Mid-century modern and more. What Wedding rentals Austin has to offer meet any type of taste, whether you’re looking to showcase archive wedding rentals in a space that’s vintage, classic, modern or something in between.

There’s Plenty to Do

Your wedding guests will enjoy their time vacationing in Houston or Austin, whether they enjoy exploring a bustling downtown, sampling diverse cuisines or cheering on major league sports. Austin is well known for its dynamic live music scene, with clubs and concert halls spread across town that feature styles ranging honky tonk to indie rock. Houston is home to more than 11,000 restaurants, with about 500 options for Tex-Mex fans alone. It’s also a center for space exploration, with attractions including the Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston and a large NASA research facility.

Houston and Austin Have Venues with a Vintage Vibe

Picturesque venues in Houston include open-air chapels, wedding barns and lush gardens. 2Here are a few recommendations for ceremony and reception spaces that make a natural fit for vintage decor:

  • Pierce Ranch House: This Texas-style cattleman’s estate offers ceremony and reception venues, as well as lodging for guests. 
  • The Meekermark: Featuring an open-air chapel, this venue was created by wedding photographers with an eye toward memorable visuals. Fill in the modern barn profile with rustic and unique decor. 
  • Chateau Cocomar: Go classic at this castle ballroom venue that boasts gardens, large-scale chandeliers and French-inspired design elements.

In Austin, wedding planners can find spaces that fit diverse tastes, including:

  • The Driskill: Located in the heart of Austin, this showpiece of a hotel leans on classic design and offers multiple wedding spaces, from ballroom to mezzanine.
  • Hotel Ella: Dig into historic scenery at this boutique hotel with a big lawn and Greek Revival design. 

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Imagine saying your vows under a beautiful Texas sky, surrounded by loved ones in a venue decorated to vintage perfection with archive wedding rentals. Look no further than Houston and Austin to make that vision a reality, and rely on a quality event design company for all the special touches.