Why Is It Necessary to See a Dermatologist for Ringworm Fungal Infection

Posted January 28, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
Woman Touching Her Right Leg

Have you been noticing a red patch on your skin that also itches? It could be due to a fungal infection called ringworm. If you have developed it, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The name of this fungal infection is indeed scary but it is definitely treatable. 

Anyone can develop ringworm infection regardless of how much they take care of their skin. In this article, we are going to mention some of the key factors that make you colossally enrisked to developing ringworm. 

1) There is a possibility that anyone who is below the age of 14 can develop a ringworm.

2) If you have become exposed to anyone else recently who might be having a ringworm developed. 

3) If your immune system is weak and you don’t care for your diet, you can significantly develop ringworm on your skin.

4) If you live in regions with higher humidity.

5) If the clothes you wear are continuously skin tight and don’t make your body breathable.

These are certain practices that can increase the chances for you to develop ringworm. It is clear that avoiding such routines and practices can lessen the risk of ringworm.

What to do if you fear having developed a ringworm?

As we have mentioned earlier, developing ringworm is common and you don’t necessarily have to start panicking about it. 

The first thing you should do is hurry to see the dermatologist. Your dermatologist will analyse your condition, prescribe you medication and suggest a lifestyle that you should own. 

He will treat your ringworm condition and remove the fungus present in it that is harmful. 

The location of the ring worm matters greatly in the right prescription of medicine. Dermatologist will check how severe your condition is before starting your treatment.

If the condition of ringworm is not very severe, the doctor will prescribe you certain ointments or creams that will treat it just right. However, if the condition has become severe and the ointments would not be able to treat it all alone, then the dermatologist will jump to oral medication. 

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It is also the role of the dermatologist you went to check up for to prevent any future advancement of ringworm. For this, the dermatologist might ask you to continue using the prescribed medicine. Besides medicine, it is greatly important to keep the area of the ring worm clean.

Ringworm fungi is contagious and anyone who comes in contact with it can get affected. Therefore, we require you to wash the clothes you wear separately. The sponge you use in the shower and the towel you use to clean your body must also be washed with hot water before coming in contact with any other person.