Why Material Matters When Choosing a Door for Your Home

Posted July 12, 2022 by in Home
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When it comes to choosing a door for your home, many factors to consider. But perhaps the most important one is material. For many people, the most obvious factor of a door is how it looks — but other factors can make or break a door. The material you choose will impact the style of your home and how long your door lasts. The material of a door is an essential factor in determining its durability and lifespan. Wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel doors all have strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the suitable front door material is an important decision. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your home, and it’s a significant investment in your home’s appearance. The suitable material will enhance your home’s curb appeal and help you sell it if you ever decide to move.

There are many different materials used in making doors. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before buying.

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Timber doors

You’ll need to choose what type of material you want your door to be made from. In Australia, doors are usually made from timber or metal (also called steel). Doors made from timber come in many different types and styles, including pine, cedar, oak and ironbark.

Timber doors add warmth to any home because they’re made from natural materials that age beautifully over time. Timber doors come in many different sizes, making them easy to fit into any space — even those tight corners! They’re also comparatively easy to set up yourself or an expert tradesperson if needed.

Oak doors

Oak has been in use for many years in construction projects due to its durability and strength. Oak doors make it a popular choice when choosing oak doors for the home. Oak doors are a popular choice for homes and with good reason. They are a durable material that can be used in just about any room.

Oak comes in many different styles, but not all styles would suit your home. Oak is also a versatile material, making it possible to find oak doors that will work well with most home styles. Depending on your taste and decorating style, these doors can be painted or stained. Some people even choose to paint their oak doors to change the color or appearance of an entire room.

If you prefer more elaborate design details and patterns on your oak door, you will have more options with European-style doors with rounded edges and raised panels with intricate designs carved into them. The designs may include flowers or leaves, which can add elegance and beauty to any room in the house where they are installed. Solid oak doors are the original oak door, and they’re still the most popular on today’s market. They’re made from solid timber, so there’s no plywood or chipboard inside. They’re usually used as front doors. You’ll often find solid oak internal doors in traditional properties or listed buildings where appearance is essential. They’re also very popular with homeowners who want to create a classic look for their interior design or exterior facade.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are famous for their durability and style. They can be made from various hardwoods or softwoods, depending on the project at hand. They can also be tainted or painted in any color imaginable, making them easy to match with any design aesthetic wooden doors can be made from various woods, but traditional oak is still one of the most popular choices. Wooden doors are durable and look great in older properties, but they require regular maintenance. They can warp in high humidity and will start to rot if not treated regularly. Wooden doors are attractive and come in a wide range of styles, but they’re also at risk of rotting if they aren’t maintained accordingly. However, if a wooden door isn’t well-sealed, it can easily warp or crack over time due to moisture exposure. In addition, wooden doors are much more expensive than other types of doors on average because they require extra care during installation, and they may need to be replaced every ten years or so as they are old.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are another common choice for homeowners because they’re lightweight and easy to install without much help from others or special tools like saws or drills needed for installation purposes. Aluminum is also very durable and will last longer than most other materials used in making doors today because it doesn’t rust as steel does under extreme heat but they’re also less durable than wood or fiberglass because aluminum is more susceptible to dents and scratches from weathering or wear-and-tear from everyday use. Aluminum doors have another feature they’re lightweight but strong enough for exterior use. Aluminum doors come in a range of finishes, including brushed steel, bronze, or white powder-coated finishes.

 They’re easy to maintain and won’t warp like wooden doors, but they’re more expensive than wooden versions and aren’t as attractive either! Aluminum doors have a low-maintenance surface that doesn’t require painting or staining, but they tend to be heavier than wood or fiberglass doors.. 

Fiberglass doors 

Fiberglass doors are made from an injection-molded synthetic resin lighter than steel or aluminum, so it won’t weigh down your home’s structure as much as other options do — which means fewer structural issues down the road! These doors are often available in different colors. Metal and fiberglass doors are more durable than wood doors, which will last longer and require more minor maintenances in the long run. Metal doors are the most durable, lasting up to a century in some cases, but fiberglass doors aren’t far behind, with an average life expectancy of 50 years. They’re simple to install yourself, or you can hire someone to do it for you if necessary. The majority of fiberglass doors come prehung, with all the necessary hardware already installed.

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