Why Now is a Great Time to Adopt a Dog

Posted September 1, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Dogs can really make a positive change in your life, offering you a companion, someone to take out with you, a playmate if you have kids, and an excuse to get plenty of exercise. During the current situation where people in a lot of areas are spending a lot more time at home due to working or studying from home during the pandemic, it could actually be a really good time to actually go for it if you’ve been considering adopting a dog

These are stressful times when people are generally getting less social interaction than normal, and also less exercise – something that a dog can certainly help you get through. Here are three good reasons why now could be the ideal time to look into bringing a new dog into your household: 

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Taking Your Dog For Walks Will Keep You Active

A lack of exercise can lead to all kinds of health problems, as well as being bad for your mental health, and making you more likely to have things like sleeplessness. At the moment, where people are being encouraged to stay at home or are even in lockdown in some areas, a lot of people aren’t getting enough exercise, due to there just being no reason to leave the house.

If you have a dog, you’ll always have a reminder to go out for a good walk, which will keep you in shape, prevent aches and pains caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and improve your mood a lot.

You Can Spend Time Training Him and Helping Him Settle in

Whether you get a puppy or an older dog, there will still always be a settling in period where you’ll want to be spending as much time with him as possible, training him, and making sure he feels comfortable and happy in his new surroundings. This can be tricky to manage if you work during the day, but if you’re currently spending more time at home, you could take advantage of this to have a good long period of spending extra time with your new pet.

You’ll also be able to put the time in to making sure your dog has everything they need right from the start and researching the best products to get for him, such as this comparison of dog beds for larger dogs.

Dogs Are Great Company and Good for Your Stress Levels

If you live alone, then a dog can really make sure you don’t feel isolated – especially at the moment where you probably aren’t seeing friends and family as much as normal.

It has also been shown that spending time petting an animal and having a good bond with a pet reduces overall stress, and can even lower your blood pressure!

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Getting a dog is a big responsibility, and you do need to be sure you’ll be able to keep on offering your new dog a good life even when things return to normal, and you’re not necessarily at home as much.

But if you’ve been considering adopting a dog anyway, then now is definitely a good time to do it, and there are lots of dogs in shelters who desperately need loving homes!