Why Should You Clean Your Drains on Time?

Posted April 27, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Drains are critical installations in any home. They help drain away all the waste that could cause different health and financial problems. These systems gradually accumulate mineral deposits, debris, and other forms of waste that eventually slow the flow or block it. Fortunately, timely and professional drain cleaning can save you many headaches like overflows and floods.

But how does timely drain cleaning benefit your home? Why should you do it in the first place? Here are the leading reasons to clean your drains on time:

  1. Prevent Mold, Bacteria, and Mildew Growth

Clogged drains and pipe systems are fertile grounds for harmful bacteria, mildew, and mold. These germs can cause different diseases. Some of the common disease-causing germs you can find in dirty drain systems are: 

  • Fusarium, a fungus causing eye and sinus infections that could kill if not treated well;
  • E. Coli, a bacterium people or food spread, lives in drains and infects people who contact it;
  • Salmonella, a bacterium that resides in kitchen sinks.
  1. Save Cash

Failing to clean up your drains has ravaging financial implications. For example, poorly maintained plumbing systems corrode pipes. Eventually, the pipes leak and wastewater, slapping you with skyrocketing water bills. You can save yourself these excessive bills by allowing a plumber to conduct annual drain cleaning in your home. Such routine measures also allow the plumber to detect any potential future problem areas that could arise. Consequently, act promptly by conducting relevant preventive maintenance.

Don’t forget that accumulated debris could damage the drain system, necessitating costly invasive repair works. For instance, extended damages inside walls could mean pulling down a section of the house to correct them. Otherwise, internal leakages could damage your house’s foundation or walls and compromise your family’s safety.

Clogs and slow drains in your pipes can strain the plumbing system and potentially leading to invasive plumbing work. So, act on time because prevention is better than cure.

  1. Prolong Pipes’ Lifespan 

Cleaning your drains on time increases your system’s lifespan because clogged and slow drains strain it. Allowing an expert to maintain and clean your drains on time ensures that debris doesn’t accumulate in the system. Eventually, you are better placed to maintain your home’s structural integrity and value.

Additionally, timely cleaning stops simple leaks that could have spiraled into full clogs, floods, and back-ups. All these conditions can cause water-borne diseases and destroy your house’s piping system. 

  1. Enjoy Fresh Air

Who doesn’t like enjoying the fresh air in their home? Of course, every homeowner wants to enjoy the freshest air in and around their house. However, cleaning your drains late could deny you this benefit. Clogged plumbing systems can cause a foul smell in your home. Depending on the damage extent, the foul odors can permeate the affected areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Others damages can affect the whole house and even an entire compound. To exemplify, a burst sewer pipe can permeate an entire home with a sickening stench. 

Additionally, stinking sewer and other plumbing systems can pose a serious health risk. Exposing yourself and your family to excess foul smell could lead to gas in the stomach and possible hospitalization for children. Family members with poor health are also more vulnerable to such stench. 

Unfortunately, most do-it-yourself efforts can’t effectively deal with such odors because getting to the stench’s sources requires specialized professional equipment. It’s, therefore, beneficial to work with a professional plumber to save yourself such headaches and restore fresh air in your home.

  1. Prevent Back-Up Flooding

Can you imagine how stressful and embarrassing it is when you try flushing your waste only to see the same poop defiantly staring at you? Definitely, nobody loves finding themselves in such an awkward situation. But as undesirable as it sounds, you could still find yourself there if you don’t clean your drains on time. 

Fortunately, promptly cleaning your drains removes all the possible clogs that could have caused backflow problems in your plumbing system. This timely cleaning will also save you flooding headaches. For example, a flood of water covering a few inches could damage your floor, baseboards, and drywall. All these damages have costly financial implications. Further, you will still need to wade through stinking flood water to clean it, even if it didn’t cause structural damage. 

Cleaning your drains on time has many benefits you and your family can enjoy. You can enjoy a disease-free home, fresh air and save yourself the money you could have wasted on unnecessary repairs. Hopefully, these benefits should inspire you to work with your plumber closely.