Why the DeWALT DWP611PK Is Considered One of the Best Wood Routers

Posted April 15, 2019 by in Decor

After researching and analyzing different manufacturers and models of wood router, I have provided a guide on the top wood routers. It is about the DeWALT DWP611PK. There are lots of innovating and ergonomic features offered in addition to controlling, visibility, and overall performance associated with it. It offers variable speed with combined power that make woodworking project easy and fun. Want to know the features of the router? Then read on: 

What is it?

It is ergonomic, light, and compact router with full-featured plunge and variable speed control that can be held easily. The rubber handle is provided on the smooth sliding plunge foundation with a sliding depth rod, a five-step turret for fine adjustments. For optimal visibility, the sub bases are incorporated with LED lighting. It is a perfect tool for edge profiling, cutting flutes, mortising, and even trimming laminate. The motor is designed in such a way that it offers a durable service with soft start feature and speed control through an electronic system.

DeWALT DWP611PK is basically a wood router that has 1-1/4 Hp variable speed with combo kit. The motor can deliver power with variable speed for tough and hard applications for optimal bit speed. The features of the motor are precise adjustment depth, motor pack removal, and base changes. It has a clear fixed base with LED light so as to offer superior but visibility.

The wood router has specifications like horsepower, depth stop, base dimension, amps, no load speed, router base, router type, plunge stroke, and spindle lock. It is worth your money and Rxtooler recognized the DeWALT DWP611PK as the best choice for most people. Below are the things that make it an appropriate product for woodworking:

Soft start/horsepower

If you are looking or searching for a router that meets your needs the best, then you need to figure the most important feature related to woodworking i.e. horsepower. Horsepower is related to the motor rating that implies its efficiency. The wood router must have peak HP so that it can perfectly do its job. Never ever get confused with the small size of the router, as it can provide torque and power as well thus making your wood project on the top.

Soft start feature is equipped with a compact router that aid in minimizing motor torque. The soft start makes use of AC electric motor that reduces the temporary load on electric current and power train during the motor surging.

Variable Speeds

The wood router is generally equipped with a special feature known as the variable speed that can range from 1-6 even 16000 rpm. The owner can easily adjust the speed of the motor by just turning or pushing the dial for better management of the tool. It can help the owner in determining which speed will be better for the wood project. Speed under load can be maintained through the aid of speed control as it will reduce twisting and thus prevents burning.

When the owner set the variable speed between 1-3, the variable speed ranging between 16000-20400 rpm can be achieved easily with a large cutter and bit diameter. In addition to this, when the owner set it between 4-6, he or she get speed in range 22600-27000 rpm for the small cutter and bit diameter. It can work well on laminates, softwoods, and plastics. You got an opportunity to make an adjustment in 20-100 rpm by bumping the speed. Thus this offers wide bit size range that handles the professional in doing the construction job perfectly. The wood crafter can easily execute the task in the shop.

Fixed vs. Plunge Base

You are offered with both fixed base and plunge with the combo kit of DeWalt DWP611. A locking lever is attached with a fixed base with micro-adjusting of 360 degrees with the appropriate raising of the router both down and up so as to accomplish perfect cut depth. is there any basic requirement of the router? Yes, it should smoothly hang when moved down or up. This then helps in the production of clean cuts when cutter lowering comes into existence of workpiece. It is because jerking can spoil the clean cuts so it is essential to keep in this mind.

The wood router has 5 position adjustments that allow taking a step down with every single turn so as to control the depth. It even includes an adjustable reference needle on the base of the plunge present on the right side. The rubber griping will offer easy control and it can comfortably enable the owner to make use of it easily. The fixed base can be accessed for edging and trimming thus allowing the plunge to turn the route into a capable router with working of 90% project.

Bit shank size and collet (1/4 vs 1/2)

Do you know what it collects are and which one is the best? The collects are basically steel sleeves that firmly hold or grasp router bit on to the router. It works along with a shaft that can directly join to the motor. This then tightens down in accordance with a collet nut. When you buy the wood router then consideration of bit shank size is necessary. In the market, the most common shank size is ½” and ¼”. The second most important thing you need to take in consideration is the type of project and its requirement of bit shank size. The wood route that has ¼” collet with good size can be used for heavy duty work.

Additional Features

The clear fixed base on the model improves stability thus increases the visibility during the edging the spring-loaded helps in releasing tabs with easy base removal and fast working.


You can easily get a compact router that can handle your project such as radius cuts, trimming, dadoes, and finish carpentry tasks such as a hinge, edge-profiling, and hardware installation.  Features like relatively quiet, compact, lightweight, ergonomic grips, easy to bit change, sealed off/on the switch, and optional accessories that provide flexibility and extended performance. The motor is powerful enough to handle both hardwood and soft woodworking.

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