Why We All Need Exercise to Stay Mentally Healthy

Posted September 2, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
Woman in blue sports bra and blue leggings stretching on the floor of a gym

When you mention exercise to the majority of people, they instantly think about the physical benefits and not the mental benefits. The thing to understand here is that exercise can play a crucial role in your overall mental well-being and if you suffer from things like depression and anxiety then it may be the magic bullet that you have been waiting for. There is a definite link between strong mental health and physical exercise and so if you have been suffering from depression and anxiety as of late then it might be time to get yourself more physically active. It’s likely that your doctor has told you that not only do you need to do exercise for mental health but for your physical health as well because your blood pressure is going through the roof and there is a very real risk that you may become diabetic.

You have to stop making excuses that you don’t have time to visit the local gymnasium because it is now possible to have your own gym equipment at home and it has never been more affordable. Nobody should have to convince you of the benefits of exercise to keep yourself mentally strong, but if you need a gentle reminder then here are some of them.

Woman in blue workout clothes

  • It helps with anxiety & stress – When you are stressed out your body reacts in a certain way and can lead to other health, locations with regards to your digestive system. The purpose of exercise is to reduce your body is reaction to the anxiety and stress that you are feeling and increased moving helps to calm your brain down when you are at your most stressful.
  • It helps with depression – If you find yourself being sad for no apparent reason and it is leading to bouts of depression then some physical exercise is just what your medical practitioner ordered. If you make sure that you are god regularly using your home gym equipment then this can have a very positive effect on your condition.
  • It makes you more confident – You may be suffering mentally because of how you feel within yourself and so doing exercise will help you to lose those excess kilograms, torn up all of your muscles and provide you with a more healthy body. This should result in feeling better about yourself when you look in the mirror and you now like what is looking back right at you.
  • You become more socially active – It may be the case that you want to use your home gym equipment at the beginning, but as your fitness levels rise it’s likely that you will want to venture outside to go for a run and to experience the nature that is all around you. There is a high likelihood that you’re going to meet like minded people while trying to stay fit and this could lead to a long-term friendship or even a holiday away together.

There is absolutely no doubt that exercise will lead to stronger mental health and it is the one thing that can help to keep your stress levels manageable.