Why You Should Buy Property in These Uncommon Vacation Destinations

Posted August 24, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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If you have thought about snatching up some investment properties, then you want to make sure you are buying them in a good place where they won’t decrease in value. One of the best places to look are places that people keep flocking to. To discover some of these great hidden gems, check out this list to see why you should buy property in these uncommon vacation destinations.

First, let’s talk about what you want to look for when it comes to property. Many uncommon vacation destinations have started to become popular for different reasons, and this means people have been coming from all over to visit. If the regular hotels can’t handle the influx of vacationers, then that’s when short-term rentals step in.

Short-term rentals are great for people who want to take a vacation and avoid the boring hotel experience. You need to be aware that many cities and states have started to set regulations or laws in place that might affect short-term rentals in the area. For example, many regions have begun to allow the rental if the owner lives in the same town or the same building, so this won’t be suitable if you live far away. 

People have started to choose their vacation destinations based on many different reasons, but some have stayed the same over the years. Towns that feature beaches, great views, and entertainment will always be popular, but people have started looking beyond that. People want to vacation in a place where they can get the most for their money or experience a new part of nature instead of heading to the casino or nightclub. Let’s have a look at some uncommon vacation destinations that have become popular in the last few years and check out what the prices look like. 

1) Northern Maine

Aroostook County, Maine median real estate price: $150,000

Northern Maine has become a fantastic place for visitors who are looking to have a peek at the amazing nature in the area. Baxter State park has become a popular place for hikers who want to climb up and down the tallest peak in the state, Mount Katahdin. For others, watching the leaves turn in the fall is one of their yearly highlights, and this area is one of the first to switch its colors. Many people have started to look at Maine for their new home or vacation destination based on the fantastic homes and natural beauty that surrounds the area, so have a look at some o the less expensive cities for some excellent investment properties. 

2) Eastern Idaho

Pocatello, Idaho median home price: $300,000

If you want to spend most of your vacation in the great outdoors, then you need to check out Eastern Idaho real estate listings. The area has everything from ski mountains (Kelly Canyon and Pebble Creek) to hot springs (Heise Hot Springs and Lava Hot Springs) and everything in between. It’s an ideal area to get the best of every outdoor activity, and people have been flocking to the area to enjoy them. This area is also quite close to Yellowstone, which is a popular destination for tourists all year. People have been moving to the area for its amazing homes and visiting to see the great outdoor features, so this is a great place to look at if you are thinking about purchasing some Eastern Idaho real estate. 

3) Eastern Oregon

Baker City, Oregon median home price: $300,000

People have been flocking to the state of Oregon for the last few years due to the amazing job opportunities and proximity to some of the country’s best natural areas. The coast offers plenty of amazing fishing and beach day chances, but the inner state has so many hidden gems with waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful views that you can’t get anywhere else. Oregon has started to become a popular destination for both visitors and permanent residents, and the real estate prices are much better than in other coastal towns. 

4) Upper Pacific Northwest

Bridgeport, Washington median home price: $215,000

While many people crave the hot heat and sun rays when they go on vacation, others visit places for the culture and great experience. The Pacific Northwest is well known for its rainy weather, but it also has some of the best hiking in the country with the nearby mountains. It’s also full of great indigenous culture due to the nearby US-Canada border, and you can educate yourself on some of the amazing history that the area has by visiting some of the great nearby museums. 

In the last few years, people have started to value a vacation that is more based on the signs and sounds of nature instead of the huge hotel price tag. Others have decided to leave the big city and venture out to areas with less expensive home prices. Mane of the places on the list don’t have the typical party atmosphere, but they are quickly becoming hot spots for vacationers all over the country.