Why You Should Customize your Wine Advent Calendar

Posted October 21, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Why You Should Customize your Wine Advent Calendar

Wine advent calendars were first rolled out in 2016 by the alcohol industry. Innovative ideas like this are the reason why the alcoholic beverages industry is projected to reach $1.86 trillion by 2026. 

Christmas always brings out the child in everybody. When you were a kid, you look forward to waking up on Christmas Day to open the gifts Santa brought you the night before. 

However, there comes the point when you outgrow the magic of the Yuletide season. Adults get caught up in the life that the countdown to Christmas becomes more of a grind.  The wine advent calendar is just the thing to make the countdown a little more fun.

When is Advent?

In Christian tradition, advent refers to the period starting from December 1 until December 24. Advent is a Latin word which roughly translates to as the coming. It is a preparation for Christ’s birth, and the tradition has continued since the fourth century. 

Advent calendars have existed since the early 1900s, thanks to Gerhard Lang. He came up with the idea after receiving 24 cookies from his mother attached to the lid of the box. The first printing of a commercial advent calendar was in 1908. 

An advent calendar typically features 24 paper doors that contain a quote or divine image when you open them. They may also contain goodies, cookies, or candies. But where is the fun in that?

Why You Should Customize your Wine Advent Calendar

Customized Wine Calendar

The first wine advent calendar came out several years ago with 12 bottles, but there were several iterations since then. The industry came up with the idea that advent calendars contain 24 days, so why limit yourself to 12 alcoholic bottles?

However, the problem with buying wine advent calendars is that you cannot choose the brand. You are typically stuck with the alcoholic beverage that comes with the box. 

While they make great gifts, don’t you think the recipient would love it more if you stuff it with their favorite alcoholic drinks? That is why it is more practical to buy an advent wine calendar box and buy the contents yourself. 

For one, you will probably save money. A 12-pack box will cost upwards of $400. Meanwhile, if you buy a box, it will cost you around $20. Second, you know that your gift would not be “re-gifted.” 

While you have different designs and compartment sizes, the best ones come in boxes that carry 50 ml bottles. If you have no idea of how big that is, think of the fun-size bottles they serve on airplanes. At 50 ml bottles, you have an endless choice of brands you can put inside the wine advent calendar box.

Among the brands are:

  1. Johnnie Walker Black
  2. St. Germain
  3. Fireball
  4. Bombay Sapphire
  5. Baker’s Bourbon
  6. Grey Goose
  7. Single Barrel from Jack Daniel’s
  8. Chivas Regal
  9. Crystal Head Vodka
  10. Jose Cuervo Tequila

Finally, you do not have to stuff alcoholic beverages in the box. There are other ways to make it even more of a surprise. Other boxes feature inconspicuous designs. You would not associate them with the spirits right away. Let your creativity shine.