Why You Should Get Birthstone Jewelry Pieces for Yourself!

Posted January 23, 2020 by in Fashion
Woman wearing a ruby necklace

The birthstone makes a stunning and considerate gift. The birthstone is personal and by gifting a jewelry piece that features the recipients birthstone, you’re celebrating their individuality. But what about for you? If you don’t own a piece of jewelry that showcases your birthstone, you may want to change that. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying custom birthstone jewelry for yourself:

It Can Become Your Signature Jewelry Piece

Of course, everyone has a zodiac sign based on their birth month. Like a zodiac sign, everyone also has a birthstone. If you want to start wearing a piece of jewelry everyday, but you are unsure what, it wouldn’t be a bad idea honor that birthstone. I personally wear a gold ring on my right hand with emeralds in it since my birthday is in May.

Over time, your birthstone can become a signature piece jewelry for you, and you will feel extra special when you wear a specific gem or a stone. People will begin to think of you whenever they see that stone out in their day-to-day.

So why don’t you gift yourself a beautiful ring stone or personalized birthstone necklaces on your big day like birthday, graduation day, etc. 

Each Birthstone is Unique and Beautiful

As mentioned earlier, these birthstones tend to express one’s identity. Simply put, every birthstone is beautiful in its own way and they can be worn daily or to special events such as weddings and formal gatherings. They work for both! Plus, these stones are so pretty and long lasting that they can be handed down for generations. My emerald ring was actually my grandmother’s first; we both were born in May. 

And lucky you if your birth month is April…your birthstone is the diamond! With all that said, based on your zodiac sign and birth month, find here what might be the perfect gift. Birthstones are a great way to share your best thoughts and impression on your partner, friends, and family.

It Can Become a Family Heirloom

You can easily make your birthstone jewelry an heirloom by embedding the stone in valuable metals like gold, silver, or platinum. It does not matter at all if you happen to share a birthday month or not; you get to acquire beautiful jewelry items from your family that holds great significance. Your future children and grandchildren will thank you and remember you, always. 

Invest in luxurious necklaces, studs, or rings with your birthstone implanted as these will never go out-of-style.

The Can Celebrate Commitment

The birthstone is a sweet way to celebrate commitment. The jewelry pieces are specifically designed to fit multiple gems or stones; each to represent a different individual’s birth month. For instance, a couple born in January and September might make a bracelet featuring garnet and blue sapphire birthstones. If the couple wear the jewelry together on a daily basis, they might desire to get matching pieces. So, a jewelry item that features the stones of both partners is the perfect personalized piece to represent and celebrate their relationship commitments to one another and the outside parties.