Why You Should Think Twice About Getting Cosmetic Surgery Done Overseas

Posted June 8, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Medical tourism, especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery, is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that 15,000 Aussies travel to another country every year for medical procedures.

Many are doing it because of the lower cost or for the higher availability of a particular procedure elsewhere. But with every bargain comes a risk, and it would be wise to understand what the consequences of getting a procedure done overseas could be so that you can make a more informed decision. Here are a few things you have to consider before going for medical tourism.

You Might Not Be Able to Attend Follow Up Appointments

Even if it’s for a minor procedure like lip injections, there is a chance that you’ll have to see your doctor again for retouches. Having to stay away for a longer period of time, or having to fly back a few weeks later could end up eating into any type of savings you thought you were going to make. This is why medical tourism is not recommended for minor procedures that could be done affordably on Australian soil.

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There Have Been Some Horror Stories

While some countries like Thailand can have some great professionals and facilities, there has been a string of suspect incidents and deaths involving medical tourists there. One of the most well-known cases was that of a UK woman who suddenly died from complications after getting surgery from a surgeon that was uncertified. The worst thing is that the woman had a procedure done in the same clinic months before, which probably prompted her to lower her guard.

So, if you’re going to go for surgery in another country, you should consider meeting with the professional face to face at least once and ask for their credentials. Check where they and their staff got their formation and get certification from everybody that will be involved in the procedure. You should also check the general state of their installations and make sure that their techniques, procedures, and equipment are up to Australian standards.

You also need to make sure you choose a surgeon that is renowned with a lot of excellent reviews from multiple online sources. Have a surgeon consultation and ask as many questions as you can about the cosmetic procedure and the concerns or anxieties you personally have. It is a good idea to see before and after work and to correlate that with the online reviews. Also look out for any videos the surgeon may have about their practice and happy patients.

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Know What Type of Recourse You May Have

You should also be aware that you may not have the same level of recourse if something happens overseas. You should be familiar with what malpractice laws in the country look like and how they’re enforced, if at all. Also know that you may have no recourse if you ended up working with an uncertified practitioner, whether knowingly or not, so that’s also something you’ll have to consider.

Before you decide to take the jump and go overseas for surgery, make sure that you are ready for the consequences of getting your procedure done in another country. We also suggest you check out the options back home; you may be surprised by what you could get.