Why Your Smile is the Best Accessory

Posted June 12, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
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You may have all your shoes and handbags ready and hanging in your closet. However, one thing that goes with every outfit is a cheerful smile. A smile can light up a room and helps you feel more confident and self-assured. Fashion and style are a great way to improve your mood and help you feel more confident in your skin. So why not complement it with a bright white smile too!

Take a look at some of the reasons why a smile is your best accessory for every outfit:

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It Boosts Your Health 

Looking after your body is essential for feeling happy and confident. A great way to boost its health is to smile even more. Smiling and laughing sends happy chemicals to your brain that enhance your mood, and this benefits you on the inside by lowering blood pressure and stress levels. It is also said to improve your immune system too. 

A Smile Improves Confidence 

If you feel healthy on the inside, it can help you feel more confident on the outside. However, oral health is another factor to consider. Similar to the feelings you get when you have a skin breakout or unhealthy hair, your teeth can also cause self-conscious emotions.

Caring for your teeth and gums is a great way to ensure you feel confident while smiling and showing your teeth. If you need help getting a bright white smile, visiting a dentist serving southwest Houston is an ideal way to get the best advice and dentistry. 

It’s a Natural Anti-aging Technique 

You may have heard that smiling gives you wrinkles, but that’s a myth made up by miserable people! In reality, smiling works out the muscles in your face and helps to naturally lift it to give you an amazing glow.

Frowning, on the other hand, can often cause noticeable lines on your forehead. So remember to turn that frown upside down for a natural facelift. 

A Smile Improves Your Outlook

It’s no surprise that smiling and feeling happy helps to improve your mental well-being. Of course, fake smiling isn’t going to work wonders, but thinking happy and cheerful thoughts can improve your mood. The stress-relieving chemicals in the brain also come into play when you smile, so this naturally elevates your outlook.

Studies have also found that it could ease pain. 

Enhancing Your Smile 

Eating well and staying away from food and drink that could stain your teeth is a great way to enhance your smile naturally. However, if you’re looking for some help, you can also opt for cosmetic dentistry to straighten teeth or brighten the color. There are lots of different treatments available and these help boost your confidence so that you can show off your best accessory. 

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” – Connie Stevens 

These are a few ways that smiling is great for your appearance and your health, so make sure you don’t forget to add it to your next outfit.