Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Garden

Posted November 14, 2019 by in Lifestyle
woman covered in a snow dusting

Winter is the least appealing time to be spending time in the backyard. Crunchy grass in the morning, wet bark and endless leaves to rake away can make you want to put off any garden TLC until the spring.

However, winter is a great time to start maintaining the general upkeep of your backyard. It’s an opportunity to get it ready for spring and tackle messy problems before they arise. Below are some maintenance tips for your garden: 

Tidy and Maintain the Lawn

If you have dead twigs, scattered leaves and dead patches of lawn, this is a sign that you need to start patching things up. Giving your lawn a bit of a makeover in the winter helps to keep it looking tidy and presentable. First snap away dead-ended twigs and branches on any surrounding shrubs and then rake away fallen leaves from the fall, before they begin to rot.

Once you have done this be sure to patch up dead spots from the summer. It’s simple to find online distributors who provide some of the best grass seed you can find. Last but not least, pull out any weeds that are still visible.

Look after More Delicate Plants

You may need to make sure that some of the younger, more delicate plants are well looked after during the colder months. Saplings and plants that could blow over in the wind require a bit more care during this challenging season. Be sure to make sure that they are tied up securely, and that any plants that may not survive snowfall are covered until the weather gets warmer. You may need to go out and check after a particularly bad cold snap or windy patch. 

Leave the Bulbs until next Year

If you’re looking to plant some new bulbs, then your best bet is to probably wait until the next year. Bulbs are best planted in the fall, so, unfortunately, you may have already missed your window to get planting! If you’re worried your backyard will look a little bare in the coming year, then head down to a garden center in the spring and grab some potted plants that are already well on their way to blooming.

Bulbs are certainly cheaper, but they really do need to be planted at the right time in order to survive. 

Be Careful with Roses, Fruits, and Vegetables

Some common plants can be particularly vulnerable in the colder months, so be sure to treat them with caution. Don’t prune roses as this stimulates growth, which you absolutely don’t want in a cold snap. You may also need to bring some fruit and vegetable plants indoors during the harsher weather, such as tomatoes. Some of these fruit-bearing plants are just not used to cold climates and could benefit from a warmer environment. 

The best thing about a garden that’s bursting with life and vibrancy is that it looks great in the summer months. However, sometimes they can be quite hard maintenance during the winter. The best way to care for your backyard over the colder months is to keep it tidy and protect plants that might not make it.