How to Style a Green Bomber Jacket

Posted November 24, 2021 by in Fashion

Leather bomber jackets for women are a timeless classic, which is widely worn among many women. The jackets ensure ultimate comfort along with chic style. The bomber jackets are an amazing wardrobe style staple that can fit in any capsule or minimalist wardrobe. 

When it comes to colored women’s leather jackets, green sounds a bit unusual but having a vibrant entity, green portrays a happy vibe. It is easy to wear and style a green bomber jacket, without looking or feeling like the odd one out. If it is winters, Arcteryx insulated jacket is one of the best options available in the market.:

EMO Style

Starting in the 2000s, the emo style has been around for many, nearly 2 decades now, and is still trendy. The color green stands out due to its vibrant nature which can easily make you look cool enough to the surrounding. You can style a green bomber jacket from over a black crop top, leather pants, and black leather boots, and let the bomber jacket radiate your overall ensemble.

VSCO Style 

In the new era of TikTok influencers and editing applications, the VSCO style came into being. The trend captures a wide aspect of cool girls who follow street-style and aesthetic dressing styles. The VSCO girls are widely seen in flowy silhouettes clothes with vibrant colors. In order to style a green bomber jacket like a vsco girl, pair a longline t shirt with mom jeans and top it off with a baggy green bomber jacket and you’re all done with your ensemble. 

Style Aesthetic

When it comes to style aesthetics you might have more than many options. In order to style a green bomber jacket aesthetically, you can pair it with a camisole, wide-leg jeans, and everyday sneakers and highlight your aesthetic style flawlessly. 

Hipster Style

When it comes to dressing up like a hipster, a lot of aesthetics are required. The look consists of various crafted items, including leather crafts and handicrafts. Wrist bands, necklaces, and various style bangles. In order to follow the hipster style through a green bomber jacket, you can pair it with radiant colored mini skirts or with a blouson dress and leather high boots, finally, let the green bomber jacket highlight your overall ensemble. 

Business Casual Style

Business casual is one of the mainstream styles. Due to its decent vibe, most people prefer business casual style in their everyday lives. Many might think that it is not easy to wear a green bomber jacket to work and look decent in it. But when it comes to darker greenish colors, it is easy to style the bomber jacket easily. You can easily style a bomber jacket over a buttoned-down shirt and black cotton pants along with suede leather boots. 

Achieving ultimate style with a green bomber jacket is as easy as riding a bike. Pairing it with the right inner is the goal. This will help you in achieving the best style in order to highlight your personality. If you don’t have a green bomber jacket in your collection you can easily buy it from The Jacket Maker, especially now that they are offering Black Friday Jacket deals with surprising discounts.